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5 Stress Relievers Inspired by the ’80s

As the end of the year approaches, we all begin to cringe and cry at the thought of finals.  The sudden urge to take all of your notes and rip them into numerous pieces comes upon us and the desire to reach into the fridge for that tub of Ben & Jerry’s increases by a million.  Even during the semester, there are times when pulling our hair out seems like the only option.  But don’t fret, ladies, these popular ’80s movies provide some inspiration on how to relieve ourselves from those agonizing moments. 


1.     Dance (Dirty Dancing)

Take some tips from Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze and reveal your sexy side … or dance like a complete idiot, that’s okay, too. Regardless, whether you’re out with your girls or alone in your room, surround yourself with your favorite music and show that dance floor what you’re made of. 


2.     Talk out your stress (The Breakfast Club)

Nothing is more relieving than a good ol’ vent session with some of your closest friends. We’ve proven the stereotype: us girls love to talk, so let some things off your chest to remove the stress weighing you down. And unlike the students who make up the Breakfast Club, you don’t need a detention to do so.


3.     Go on an adventure (The Goonies)

So unfortunately, it’s highly unlikely you have a hidden treasure map mysteriously concealed in your apartment or dorm room (I’d advise checking, though, just in case…). However, doing something exciting and out of the ordinary may make you forget about the endless amount of duties you have listed in your planner. Take a trip to Easton, go to a concert, get your nails done, or anything else that sounds appealing! It may not be as adventurous as finding money and jewels from One Eyed Willy’s pirate ship, but you get the gist!


4.     Fall in love (Say Anything)

Okay … I know it’s not necessarily raining love-seeking men on Ohio State’s campus or anything, so maybe falling in love isn’t the best wording. I apologize for saying John Cusack probably won’t show up at your window with a stereo over his head, either. Although, we can’t deny that a fun, lighthearted fling can definitely take off the edge. Take a look at our Campus Cuties, laugh a little with your crush, and see if he’ll buy you dinner. What girl wouldn’t consider that a stress relief? Free food? Yes, please. If you get lucky, perhaps you’ll find a keeper and he’ll rub your feet while you study, surprise you with chocolate–that type of thing. Make sure he has a twin brother for me, though; it’s the least you could do.   


5.     Take a day off (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off)

Hopefully our professors don’t read this one, but seriously, if all else fails and you just need a break … skip class. One day won’t hurt. Ask the people you sit beside for their notes and tell them you’ll pay back in bacon. I’m sure they won’t be opposed. I mean, who doesn’t like bacon? An outraged school principal won’t track you down like you’re Ferris Bueller, so dedicate a day to Netflix. You deserve it, my friend. 


For those of you reading this who have never seen these movies … First off, I’m sorry you’ve been deprived from greatness, and second off, I hope this article still gave you some helpful tips on how to remain stress-free during the school year.  Thankfully, it’s almost over so take a deep breath and get ready to enjoy the freedom from this tear-inducing, sleep-depriving thing we like to call college.  

Heather Clark is a sophomore at The Ohio State University pursuing degrees in Stragetic Communications and Business.  From everyday thoughts to daily inspirations, she's enjoyed writing for many years and loves being apart of HerCampus Ohio State.  Outside of writing, Heather spends her time finding a new favorite artist or obsessing over a CW Netflix series, doing yoga, and journaling her life experiences.  After graduation, Heather hopes to start her career in public relations or advertising, aspiring to one day plan events and campaigns for a company that empower young women.
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