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Spring is just around the corner, and I couldn’t be more excited. As the weather begins to warm and my seasonal allergies prepare to make their grand appearance, I can’t help but feel a sense of motivation. I want to get out and do something, especially after being cooped up with online classes. Whether it be with friends or a partner, springtime opens up so many more possibilities for fun dates. Toss aside that seasonal depression and dust off that floral-print dress — here are five spring date ideas that you’re going to absolutely love.   

Get outside and have a picnic 

Picnics are my all-time favorite date during spring. I love enjoying the nice weather or watching the sun go down while I eat with the people closest to me. For an ideal picnic, set up a blanket, your favorite meal, crafts and some music. Picnics can be as casual or as fancy as you’d like. Make your date a bit more romantic by adding a charcuterie board, a bottle of wine and some pillows. 

Do some spring arts and crafts 

Use your creativity to its fullest to make some spring-themed arts and crafts. 

When the flowers start to bloom, collect some to make pressed flowers between books. You can frame them, make bookmarks, use them in art pieces and more. If you’re not feeling floral, you can take the crafts outside for some scenic painting. 

Take a hike 
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Head out to the trails with your friends or partner for some active quality time. Try out a new hiking trail or explore somewhere new on foot, and bring your dog if you have one! Don’t forget to bring extra water, sunscreen and snacks. 

Explore somewhere new on a photo date 

Put on a cute outfit and grab your friends or partner for a photo date! Try exploring somewhere you’ve never gone before. You never know what cool scenery you’ll find. 

Your next best Instagram picture could be hiding somewhere you’d never expect. Who knows?

Eat at a food truck 

Take your meals outside by exploring your area’s food truck scene. Stopping by a food truck is a great way to try new dishes and enjoy them outdoors. 

Some food trucks stay in the same place, and others travel around. Use the Street Food Finder to find food trucks near you! 

Olivia Cohen is a Communication student at The Ohio State University.
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