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5 Easy Halloween Costumes

It’s stressful to find a Halloween costume that’s the perfect mix of cute, funny and practical. Halloween weekend is quickly approaching and you only have a few days left to decide what you’re going as. Here’s a few ideas that are quick, easy and fun for this Friday!

Dancing girls emoji:

For the dancing girls emoji, simply pair a black tee with black leggings or shorts and throw a black bow in your hair. Be sure to pose for pics with hands on hips and your right leg raised. Perfect costume for you and your BFF!



Prepare yourself for lots of “where’s Waldo?” jokes, but this costume is always cute. Find a red and white striped shirt and wear it with jeans. Use a red or black winter hat and add a scarf if you’re feeling it!


Regina George:

To be the infamous mean girl, take a colored tank and cut out in the front. Where a colored bra underneath and be sure to brush up on your favorite Mean Girls quote. So fetch!



If you’re up to a little more DIY and a (boxed) wine lover, this costume is perfect for you. Stuff a clear garbage bag with pink, red or white tissue paper and hang it around your body. Print out the Franzia logo and adhere it to your bag.

Social Media:

Pick your social media site of choice and use their main color for the base of your outfit. Then, either print out or draw their logo on the front of your shirt and use a tutu of matching color to tie it all together! Shout out to our HC Ohio State girls, below, for rocking this costume!

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