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3 Best Lo-Fi Playlists to Spookify Your Halloween Study Session

Whether you’re winding down from a party or speeding through your essay due Halloween night, lo-fi music is the perfect way to calm down from holiday stress. Personally, I can only listen to lo-fi music when I study because hearing words or songs I recognize distracts me. I love listening to autumnal lo-fi music as I slam homework or look at pretty leaves on my walk to class. 

 Here are three lo-fi Halloween playlists on Spotify that will transport you into the perfect spooky and calm mood: 

  1. Lofi Halloween Mix 2021 

This ultimate lo-fi playlist is my absolute favorite. It’s over 24 hours long, meaning you’ll never hear the same song twice during your homework session. The songs are incredibly well-chosen, with a wide assortment of Halloween tunes and spooky vibes. This playlist is perfect for late-night studying, easing you to sleep and getting you in the Halloween spirit. 

  1. Lo-fi for Ghosts 3 

Although I’m no ghost, I think the spirits would enjoy this newly updated spooky playlist. This playlist is a Hovenbet classic, and listeners are eager to hear the songs each year. With intro and outro songs, this playlist feels like an hour-long musical story. Even for those who are more human than ghost, these chill songs are perfect background music for any study session. 

  1. Witchy Lofi 

Are you spell casting or doing your homework? This playlist will make you feel like you’re doing both! The songs are upbeat, but the minor chords give the music that Halloween flair. If you want to feel like a cute, hard-working witch at Hogwarts, I highly suggest this playlist. 

Olivia Cohen is a Communication student at The Ohio State University.
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