29 Thoughts Everyone Has During BuckeyeThon

Ohio State's Dance Marathon, BuckeyeThon, took place over the weekend and Her Campus OSU was lucky enough to dance and raise money for the kids at Nationwide Children's Hospital. That being said, 12 hours is a long time to stand on your feet...



2. We all look so cute! #selfie


3. Time to dance!



4. *30 seconds later* That awkward moment when I remember I can't dance.


5. Is this Morale Dance for real? I'm supposed to have this memorized by the end of BuckeyeThon? There's just no way.

6. Dinner! This food is ALMOST edible. #Score



7. Wait, I'm not even hungry, but if I don't eat will I make it until snacktime?!?! #STRESS



8. BuckeyeBlanketBash is officially in business- I'm never leaving this room. And I'm only going to let myself sit for ONE second.


9. I'm really enjoying these drunk snapchats from my friends. #Not

10. The Captain Kidd drummer is so hot...

... But I don't know how to dance to this music. *Makes more blankets.*

11. I just took multiple selfies with a guy dressed as a banana. S#*t is getting weird.

12. Let's get milkshakes at Sloopys.

13. "Visiting hours" just ended and all of the chairs in the Union are gone. Is this what it feels like to be on Orange is the New Black?

14. *Texts mom* I don't know if I can do this.

15. This bagel just gave me new life...

...So did the country line dancing teachers. And their butts.

16. The guys from BuckThat are awesome. I feel like I'm in Pitch Perfect. And like I could be an acapella singer.

17. Rave hour is longer than an hour. #FalseAdvertisting

18. Is it sad that this is my first "rave?" And that I just peed my pants a little, but I'm stuck in this room and cannot get out?

19. Let’s go sit in the lactation room.

20. ”Its 5 o' clock in the morning, the conversation got boring." *T-Pain song stuck in your head for the next hour.*

21. I think we should go on Tinder. *Proceed to laugh for the next half hour because you're drunk on happiness and Tinder's ridiculousness.*

22. Are they really not giving us coffee? *Sees girl walk by with Starbucks.* WHERE DID SHE GET THAT? *Wipes drool off chin*


23. Let's go dance. I'm definitely the Left Shark of BuckeyeThon.


24. The guy from Good Morning Columbus just said to "Text my boo that I’m on TV."  *Gets on Tinder to message matches*



 25. Let's pretend we're still as excited as we were 11 hours ago. And take a selfie with the caption "Still killing it" (No, we're not).


 26. Team Pink raised the most money AND I dance with a banana during Hollaback Girl? #Winning



27. Wait, it's over? Just like that?



28. Wait, I have to walk home?



29. Wait, we should take another selfie. Oh god no, we look so ratchet. #NotCute



Bonus post-nap thought:

I was just a part of something truly amazing! I don't even care that my feet and back hurt, I can't wait to do this again next year. #FTK #Forever

Gifs courtesy www.tumblr.com and www.buzzfeed.com.