26 Thoughts Everyone Has During Winter

1. Was it this cold last year? There’s no way it was this cold last year.

2. I’m never going to be able to use my hands again.

3. I want to rescue all of the stray dogs.

4. I wonder if I’ll ever stop shaking.

5. I hate everyone who says they “Don’t mind the cold.”

6. Damn you, Elsa.

7. Do you think I could convince my drunk friend to lick the pole?

8. Is there such thing as too many layers?

9. Is it worth going out tonight in this weather?

10. I love watching people fall on the ice. *Falls on face 5 seconds later*

11. They better cancel class. Even if they don’t, I’m not going.

12. I feel bad making restaurants deliver in this weather, but not that bad.

13. I don’t clean the ice/snow off my car, is that bad?

14. I never knew I could love something so much. *Cuddles with blanket*

15. I can’t *insert do homework, go to work, exercise, do life* in this weather.

16. Why didn’t I go to school in Florida? Or California? Or Hawaii?

17. Is Netflix even better when it’s cold out or is it all in my head?

18. I want to love snow because Lorelai Gilmore loves snow.

19. Winter sucks after the holidays are over.

20. I feel like if I go outside, I might not come back alive.

21. Do I look stupid in this hat? Do I care?

22. Getting out of the shower does not seem like a valid option at this point.

23. Thank god the Mirror Lake jump is in November.

24. The snow is so romantic…

...Lol, not.

25. Whenever I'm drunk I try to catch and eat the snow like I did when I was little.

26. It might help warm me up if I take a shot every time someone tells me they're cold. *Shots, shots, shots, shots, everybody.*

Gifs courtesy of www.tumblr.com.