25 Thoughts Every Girl Has During Lecture

At Ohio State, and most state schools, you’re going to have some classes that take place in lecture halls with 200 to 500 people. This can make it harder to pay attention and easy to get distracted. Here's 25 thoughts that might run through your head during your time in class:

1. I’m going to be a great student today!

2.  Let me just check Twitter, Facebook and Instagram real quick. *repeat*3. What’s my Kim Kardashian: Hollywood character up to? Has Simon called?

4. Can I get away with taking this snapchat?

5. I’m tired.

6. I’m going to read one Buzzfeed article and get back to work…

7. …But I HAVE to take this “How Well Do You Know the ‘90s?” quiz and find out “What Fictional Duo Are you and Your Pet?”

8. What is the person in front of me looking at?

9. The person next to me is online shopping. I hope they don’t buy that crop top.

10. I should online shop too.

11. I need more coffee. Or Diet Coke. #Caffeine

12. I’m cold.

13. I should probably catch up on the reading.

14. Will anyone notice if I leave early?

15. If this PowerPoint isn’t on Carmen, I’m screwed.

16. What’s on TV tonight?

17. Everyone is getting something out of their backpacks… Did I miss something?

18. I’ll pay close attention next week to make up for this week.

19. I’m hot.

20. What am I going to do this weekend?

21. I miss my bed.

22. Is it too late to get homeschooled like Kendall and Kylie Jenner?

23. I’m hungry.

24. I know pre-gaming class would be inappropriate, but how inappropriate is too inappropriate?

25. Lecture’s over? That was fast.

Gif credit: www.tumblr.com and www.giphy.com