19 Thoughts Everyone Has About Carmegeddon

Rumor has it that during an attempt to add more space/memory to Carmen, the site shut down and has yet to be restored. #Carmegeddon ensued. 
1. Carmen just can't even right now.
2. Does this mean I don't have to do any HW?
3. I think the semester should just end early.
4. Is Michigan State getting revenge?
5. Who even runs Carmen?
6. I wonder how many passwords are going to expire while Carmen is down.
7. I think this calls for a semester do over.
8. Olivia Pope would have this handled.
9. Every time you check Carmen and it's still down we should take a shot. #CarmegeddonDrinkingGame
10. OSU is basically asking me to watch Netflix and eat Chinese food for the next 2-4 days. 
11. Could you imagine if this happened to an important website like Twitter, Buzzfeed or E Online?
12. I wish I took notes in class... Or at least downloaded the PowerPoints.
13. Someone should call the Geek Squad...
...Or at least Rusty from Greek.
14. Is this what college was like when our parents went to school?
15. I'm obsessed with whoever rewrote Carmen Ohio. I wish it was me.
16. This means I should go to the bars, right? 
17. Is Carmegeddon the new Ebola? 
18. This is almost as bad as when Gossip Girl shut down in Season 5.
19. One day this will be a great TBT.
Gifs courtesy of www.tumblr.com and www.giphy.com.
Pic courtesy of Yik Yak.