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18 Things That Happen Every Weekend, As Told By Ezekiel Elliott

Running back Ezekiel Elliott has done a lot for Ohio State this year. His biggest accomplishment? The gifs, memes and selfies he has graciously gifted his friends, fans and the world. Here’s 18 Things That Happen Every Weekend, as told by Zeke’s gifs and Twitpics:

1. You cannot figure out what to wear:

… But after an hour of trying things on, you realized your outfit is on point:

2. You walk in the cold (and regret leaving the house):

3. Selfies. So many selfies:

4. You lose your friends at the bar/party and want to cry:

…And freak out when you finally find them:

5. You take the perfect instagram:

…And constantly check to see how many likes you have:

6. You throw up your sorority symbol for pictures:

7. Someone steps on your shoe in the crowded bar:

8. You celebrate making it to the bar when it’s still happy hour prices:

9. You freak out when your favorite song plays:

10. You meet up with your best friend and act like you haven’t seen each other in 5 years:

11. You almost drop your iPhone and shatter it:

12. You cut the line to get to the bathroom at the bar:

13. You do anything to avoid your ex at a party:

14. You see someone you didn’t expect to see out:

…And you repeatedly tell each other how much you love each other #DrunkBonding

15. You try to get your friend’s attention because you’re ready to leave the party:

16. You see someone at the bar you don’t like and you pretend you can’t hear them:

17. You plan what you’re going to drunk eat:

And are thrilled when you finally get that slice of pizza or Cane’s box after 45 minutes of waiting in line:

18. You eventually make it to bed safetly.

Sarah is a student at The Ohio State University who loves all things television and pop culture. She is a writer for HC OSU and a Chapter Advisor. For more from Sarah, visit www.sarahmarieh.wordpress.com or www.twitter.com/sarahhearon.
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