10 Ways to Make your Staycation Better

With the Spring Break season starting for colleges across the nation many students are packing up and heading to the beach but there are some of us who will be going home for break. While it’s always nice to jet off somewhere sunny and return with a tan and some crazy stories, taking a week to rest at home can have its perks. So don’t dread being at home for Spring Break because these tips will let you make the most of you week!


1. Go to a Museum or Conservatory

    Check out a new exhibit at your favorite museum or explore a new one whether you've been there before or not you’re bound to see something cool. Conservatories are also great places to check out especially during the spring when flowers are starting to bloom!

2. Try something new in your hometown

Go check out a new restaurant that was just built or go exploring until you stumble across something you never knew was in your town. You might be surprised at what you find!

3. Go bowling, roller skating, etc.

These activities are sure to be a good time and whether you're a pro or not it’ll be a good laugh!

4. Take a day trip to a new city

Go explore a new city for a day to have a change of scenery. Or spend a day in your home city and try new things.

5. Relax

With the craziness of midterms and papers before spring break it can be good to rest and recharge. Take a bath, read a good book, or binge watch a series on Netflix.

6. Catch up with family and old friends

It’s nice to have a week at home so make the most of it by catching up with your family. It’s also a good time to hang out with old friends as well.

7. Spend time outside

    While it may not be 80 degrees when your home chances are there will be at least one nice day over break. Take advantage of the spring weather by going on a hike or having a picnic.

8. Go shopping or have a spa day

It’s nice to treat yourself every once in awhile and shopping is always a mood booster (at least for me). Hit up your local mall or have a little spa day at home to de-stress!

9. See a movie

Spring Break gives you the perfect opportunity to go see that movie you kept saying you were going to see every weekend. Or you can always see a new movie like Beauty and the Beast!

10. Try a Pinterest DIY

If you're feeling creative browse through pinterest to find the perfect DIY project or try out that new cookie recipe that you’ve been dying to try!

Whether you’re going away this year for Spring Break or staying at home have an amazing time and be safe!