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Maybe some of you have watched this show, but for those of you who have not (and want a glimpse into the life of a working parent) this show is a wake-up call and it DOES NOT spare any of the messy details. I know many of us are not thinking about the day when we have little munchkins running around yet, but this show is a great example of what your life might parallel one day if you want to be a parent and have a career. Yes, you can have it all even if it may seem next to impossible. “Workin’ Moms” is a collective style show where it goes into the lives of four different moms who all have completely different life situations. They show you a glimpse into the various different problems and emotions one could experience during and after pregnancy, and how someone could deal with them. There is no rule book for how to be a good parent, but there are many things you can learn from others and I feel like this show does a good job at showing some life lessons that parents go through. Being a parent is a job itself, but having an outside career makes it that much more of a juggling game. They say it takes a village, and this show lets you know that needing help is a good thing. All of these moms are friends because they all attend the same weekly “mommy and me” type of classes and help each other through their life challenges. If you’re not quire sold and wanting to know more about the main characters in the show and the challenges they face, keep reading!


Kate Foster:

Kate is the go- getter type, she is a high-level executive within a PR firm and is not letting anyone get in her way of making her way up the corporate ladder. She deals with guilt of not being with her new baby from everyone in her life and has to balance the mom/executive lifestyle relying on others to help her through the day.


Anne Carlson:

A recent mom of two, she has an older daughter and a newborn baby. But Anne, shocked as anyone would be, finds out that she in fact is pregnant again! The idea of having two under 2 y/o is very scary and she struggles with the idea of having three children and questions if she should continue with the pregnancy. She works from home as a therapist and juggles her other two children with the help of her supportive husband and new nanny.


Frankie Coyne:

Frankie is a recent mom who is dealing with post-partum depression as she has to go back to work as she leaves her newborn at home with her partner Giselle. Frankie works as a realtor but struggles to find happiness in her daily life and contemplates a career change/ direction in life.


Jenny Matthews:

Jenny is a recent mom who finds herself bored with her life and her husband and feels as though she is losing her independence too quickly (and does not handle it very well). She finds herself trying to flirt with other men, getting piercings, and getting involved with a younger crowd, which helps her realize that growing up is not a bad thing. Jenny struggles with connecting with her newborn as her husband is the main provider for their baby when she works during the week.

Hi there! I'm glad you made it to my page! My name is Gillian George, and I am a junior/incoming senior at the University of Oregon. I am currently getting into the Advertising program of the Journalism Major and have a minor of business. Writing and photography are my two biggest passions in life, I have been taking portriats for  a few years now and I am trying to create a small business out of it! I love talking to people and helping people with any sort of situation. I grew up surrounded by my family who all work in the medical field, and I enjoy educating people on womens health so if you have any questions feel free to ask away! I also love food, traveling, and a good mystery television show or movie!
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