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film photo i took of colorful my clothing rack in my room
film photo i took of colorful my clothing rack in my room
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Winter Fashion for the College Girl

Winter in Oregon is truly a daunting time. From cold temperatures and early sunsets to nonstop rain, the winter lifestyle can be difficult to adapt to. Since I first moved here, I’ve learned a few tips that help me outlast the winter blues. For me, dressing up is the perfect way to express myself. My outfits are a direct extension of my personality, and they speak for me before I say anything. If you’re struggling to keep stylish during the extreme weather, look no further than here for tips on how to rock winter fashion!

My number one tip for winter fashion is to layer. Layering is essential to keeping warm, especially in the rain. Investing in some cute undergarments will not only spice up your outfits, but it’ll help keep you protected against the elements. Look for layering options at places like Target or Amazon, because both places have options that are both warm and plain enough to avoid clashing with your outfit. A step further than layering is accessorizing. Winter is my favorite season to dress for because the cold weather really allows me to accessorize an outfit to the highest extent. Gloves, scarves, and knit hats are my go-to’s, and I love thrifting these items because it usually means that I can find more unique, vintage pieces that will make my outfit pop. My favorite options for finding winter accessories are Depop, Buffalo Exchange, and Goodwill.

My favorite thing about fashion is that it’s constantly changing and evolving. It changes with the season, with the year, and with the outside world. When it comes to winter fashion trend predictions, I have a few in mind. First up is crocheted accessories, like fingerless gloves, scarves and balaclava hats. Crocheted items have been on the rise since this summer, and the winter time is the perfect opportunity to bundle up and adorn them. My second main prediction when it comes to winter fashion is less of an item, and more of a style: high alpine futurama. This particular style is characterized by skiwear accessories, eclectic prints, and statement pieces. The best way to stay true to this trend is to look for pieces that will keep you warm all while staying fashion forward. Some of the best examples of pieces that fit this upcoming aesthetic are: reflective puffers, leather pants, and thin sunglasses. Think Matrix, with a winter twist. 

The winter time is scary, but with the right outfit, you can conquer anything. With this article to guide you, there’s no need to stress when it comes to winter fashion. Above all, fashion is supposed to be comfortable, and especially in the Pacific Northwest, functional. Regardless of the season, the key to mastering style in any season is knowing what kind of clothes make you feel confident all day and staying true to that!

Hi! My name is Lauren Howard, I'm 21, and I'm from Palos Verdes, CA. I'm currently Junior the University of Oregon, and I'm majoring in Advertising. In my free time, I enjoy watching Netflix, thrifting, or vibing to one of my many Spotify playlists. A passionate storyteller and opinionated to a T, I'm excited to delve into some of my favorite topics, and learn from everyone here!
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