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Why You Need To Visit The Cinque Terre

The Cinque Terre, meaning five lands in Italian, is a collection of five neighboring villages located on the Italian Riviera. Here are a few reasons why you must visit in your lifetime: 

The Scenery

One of the things the Cinque Terre, and most of Italy for that matter, is most known for is it’s scenery. The Mediterranean Sea, floral trees and amazing cliff side architecture are breathtaking and indescribable. The combination of beautiful hillside vineyards, colorful buildings and the sea is hard to beat. 

The People

For a remote and small community that has recently attracted a huge amount of tourists, the residents of these villages are incredibly accommodating and pleasant. Between the shop owners, waiters/waitresses and our AirBnB host, everyone was very excited to share their home and were never resentful towards tourists for taking advantage of their villages. 

The Food

It comes as no surprise that the food along the Italian Riviera tastes incredible. The specialties in the Cinque Terre are pesto and seafood. Having ordered the pesto multiple times during my stay, I can confirm that it must be some of the best pesto in the world. It’s clearly freshly made from the natural ingredients the area has to offer. Although I did not eat much seafood myself, my family can vouch for the quality of the fresh catches served at many of the restaurants. 

Something For Everyone 

Whether you are a thrill seeker, an explorer or someone who wants to relax on the beach, there is something for everyone. For thrill seekers, a very popular practice is jumping into the sea from rocks and cliffs of varying heights, but this is done at your own risk. Explorers will be very pleased with the hiking opportunities in the Cinque Terre. The trails connecting each of the villages are breathtakingin the sense that they have gorgeous views, yet they can also literally take your breath away based on its difficulty. For people looking for a relaxing beach vacation, there are perfect beaches in the village such as Monterosso that give you the option to buy a cabana or bring your own towel. 

For these reasons, the Cinque Terre is a must-visit for anyone who has the special opportunity. 

Journalism student at the University of Oregon who aspires to be a documentary maker one day. I love traveling, writing and dogs.
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