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Why We Love to Hate Corinne from The Bachelor

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Oregon chapter.

Whether you liked Corinne or not, we’ve all been talking about her. So, the joke’s on us, really. Here are five reasons why you loved her. But maybe, it’s five reasons why you loved to hate her. 

1. She wasn’t afraid to eat at the cocktail parties. No, I’m not saying that the other girls didn’t eat. But with a bunch of cameras at one of the weirdest cocktail ‘parties’ ever, it was probably hard for these women to act natural. One of my favorite moments was when Corinne stuffed her face with appetizers. Honestly, now I’m hungry. You go girl. 

2.  She’s self-sufficient!  Okay, so maybe not entirely. Actually, maybe not at all. It’s quite possible to make fun of her for having a nanny, but honestly, imagine yourself with a nanny (AKA, your new best friend). Doesn’t look too bad, right? Being on The Bachelor was probably an ‘adulting’ experience for her. She obviously TRIED to cook. Points for trying, Corinne. 

3. She got into drama and dealt with her problems the mature way. If you go back and watch the show, you’ll notice that Corinne almost always had a glass of champagne in hand. This is why I love her. Maybe it wasn’t the most mature, but it wasn’t the most immature. Champagne solves every problem, including classic catty drama. Sip on, ladies. 

4.  She interrupted every conversation at every possible moment (and still got sent home). Okay, I’m still a little bitter that Nick sent her packing. But this girl interrupted everyone. Plus, it was hilarious how the other contestants got mad at her for it. Like, I’m sorry, but do you know what show you’re on? This is literally one dude dating 25 girls. Interrupting is inevitable. 

5. Finally, she made this face. This will be on the internet forever. That’s all. 

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