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Taylor Swift\'s first 8 albums
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Why Taylor Swift Rerecording Her Albums Matters

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Even if you aren’t a self-proclaimed “swiftie”, you’ve probably been hearing a lot about Taylor Swift recently, especially with the rerelease of her album “Red.” You may have a few questions as to why it’s necessary for her to rerecord songs she released years ago, especially as this is not a common move among most singers/songwriters in the music industry. Here’s an overview of what she’s doing, why she’s doing it, and the reaction she has garnered from both the music industry and her fans.

            Per her contract with Big Machine Records, which was purchased by Scooter Braun in 2019, Taylor Swift actually doesn’t own her master recordings of her own work (up until her album Lover was released in 2019). Since she left Big Machine Records, she has been vocal about her frustration of not truly owning the songs and albums that she has largely written and produced. Famous for having solely written a majority of her songs, and at least contributed to the rest, this has shaken the music industry to its core. If Taylor Swift doesn’t even own her music, who does? So with no choice left, Swift made the bold choice to rerecord her six albums as a way to reclaim what is arguably rightfully hers.

            As notable as it is that she’s taken on the role of rerecording her older albums, it’s also proven that her music is just as popular today as ever. Her rerecorded album Fearless, originally released in 2008, has actually outperformed the original, going viral on various streaming services. Her original music once confined to select streaming services when it was initially released, has gone viral on platforms such as TikTok, proving her music has stood the test of time and remains relevant. And these waves have only been caused by two out of the six albums Taylor Swift announced she planned to rerecord.

            Taylor Swift’s decision to rerecord her music is proof that the music industry has growth to be made in regards to artists’ rights and claims over their own work. As many have been able to profit off of Swift’s impressive success, it’s brings to light the question of ownership and who deserves to profit. By re-recording her music, Taylor Swift has reclaimed her own music and set an example for other young artists: control your music.

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