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Why I Use Natural Menstrual Products

When I first got my period, I had zero knowledge of what products I was using. I assumed all tampons and pads were the same and only treehugger hippies used those “organic” brands. Now, in 2018, everyone is concerned about what they put in their bodies. Tampons usually use different fabrics such as rayon, and typically use pesticides. For years, I did not use tampons and feared them, but when I discovered how many brands there were that used pure and organic cotton, I felt way more comfortable about tampons and fell in love.

I started off using LOLA, a subscription-based website that made tampons, pads, and liners. I loved that you can choose how many of each size you receive in a box. Shipping is free and you receive a package each month. LOLA tampons come in four sizes (light, regular, super, super plus) in both applicator and non-applicator form. Their applicators are plastic, which may not be as earth-friendly as non-applicator, but some people prefer not to get their hands so messy when putting in a tampon. I also used their pads, which come in day and night. After using LOLA for about a year, I discovered another brand at Target.

L. is a brand available at Target and their tampons resemble Tampax Pearl with its sideways opening function. I had been looking for an all-natural tampon that had this function and L. is way more affordable than some other brands. Unfortunately, L. does not have a super plus tampon with an applicator, which I was using when I was subscribed to LOLA, but the sideways opening feature prevents leaks better than LOLA did, so I was fine with super. They also sell pads, which I use overnight, and they have two wings: one for the middle and one that sprawls across the entirety of the back of your underwear, preventing blood getting everywhere in the middle of the night.

I would definitely recommend L., but there are so many brands out there that have organic all natural cotton tampons, including Cora, Honest, Sustain and Seventh Generation. Of course, menstrual cups are the holy grail of eco-friendly menstrual products, but many women may not feel comfortable using them, which I definitely relate to. These brands are easily available and are familiar products to use, which is a great way to switch to a more all-natural lifestyle.

I am a freshman at University of Oregon with a focus in Sociology. My interests span from entertainment and beauty to political issues and sexual wellness. I also love to write, watch movies, and make art.
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