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Why Dogs Are Better Than Boyfriends

We’re all familiar with the famous quote, “dogs are a man’s best friend.” Well ladies, whoever wrote that must have been seriously twisted. There is no love like the love between a lady and her pooch. Maybe it’s their soft fur, or our gentle disposition, but no girl can resist two little puppy eyes.

Let’s think about it: a loving companion, a fun best friend, a partner in crime… dogs seem to be living up to the expectations of a “perfect” boyfriend more than any boy I’ve ever come across. So who needs a boyfriend when you have a loyal canine? Here are all of the reasons why dogs are better than boyfriends:

1. If you accidently kick them off the bed, they’ll find somewhere else to sleep with no fuss.

2. They give you kisses when you want them.

3. Their fur is soft, not like a scruffy, unshaven chin.

4. They come when you tell them to come.

5. They never complain about what you give them for dinner.

6. They are always excited to see you when you get home, no matter what kind of day they had.

7. It’s cute, not creepy, when they follow you into the bathroom.

8. They never complain about “not getting the right spot” when you rub their back.

9. Any fight can be fixed with a treat.

10. They always greet your friends with a warm welcome, instead of walking into another room.

11. If you drop some food on the floor in the kitchen, they’ll clean it up no questions asked.

12. They never object to a night in watching Marley & Me.

13. They aren’t scared to kill a bug.

14. It’s socially acceptable to keep them on a leash.

15. The closest they’ll ever get to another girl is the terrier down the street. 

University of Oregon student taking everything as inspiration.
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