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What’s on my Christmas List, and What I’m Getting for my Friends and Family

About two days ago I had absolutely nothing on my Christmas list. My Mom, Dad, Grandma, pretty much everyone else in my family has been asking for ideas and I had no idea what to tell them. I was starting to feel bad because I knew they wanted to get some of their shopping done and I was not helping them out. So I finally I sat myself down, looked at what felt like a million TikTok videos of people showing their Christmas lists, and I made one. I also went kind of Christmas crazy for the day and came up with multiple gift ideas for every single person I need to get a gift for. I am never this prepared this early. I’m the person that is Christmas shopping for everyone on Christmas Eve Day. That usually ends with me buying mediocre gifts for people, and it feels like I get them the same thing every year. I decided I really wanted to put some effort into the presents I give this year. What helped me most was looking at Christmas lists on TikTok and Buzzfeed, so I thought I’d share my list and also what I’ve brainstormed for the people in my life!


Some of the gifts on my list are pretty expensive, others aren’t. I tried to do some variety and I in no way expect anything on my list. They’re just ideas for my family and friends to go off of!


My list:

  • Lush bath bombs and massage bars
  • Starbucks gift card
  • Amazon gift card
  • Beats Solo 3 headphones
  • Glossier cloud paint in Storm
  • Glossier boy brow
  • Sephora / Ulta gift card
  • Black fluffy cross band slippers
  • Women’s Timberland Courmayeur Valley pull-on winter boot
  • Dome Satchel Handbag – A New Day (Target)
  • Si perfume by Georgio Armani


Ideas for my Mom:

  • Satin pillowcases
  • Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue perfume
  • KKW Emerald perfume
  • Fenty Beauty Cheeks Out Blush
  • Fluffy cross band slippers
  • Shower conditioner cap and hair towel

Obviously I’m not going to be buying all of those things. Those are just the ideas that I’ve come up with!

Ideas for my stepdad:

  • Personalized engraved whiskey glass set
  • Lance Armstrong merchandise
  • Scotland map picture for his office


Ideas for my brother:

  • Supreme sweatshirts
  • Sweatpants
  • Xbox gift card


Ideas for my best friend:

  • Fluffy blanket
  • Fleece lined sweatpants
  • Tea assortment
  • Fleece pullover

Obviously there’s a theme here. My best friend is cold 100% of the time, so these are great gift ideas for her.


Ideas for my boyfriend:

  • Ancestry DNA package + Traits
  • Pull-up bar
  • Cologne
  • Tablet writing glove


Ideas for my coworkers:

I have three coworkers and this year they’ve decided they wanted to do stocking stuffer type gifts for each other.

  • Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer holder and hand sanitizer
  • Starbucks gift card
  • Knuckle rings set


Once again, those are all just ideas for myself and my friends and family. Hopefully they can be helpful to someone else!






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