What Riverdale character are you based on your favorite milkshake flavor?

Mint Chocolate Chip: (toppings could be: whipped cream, hot fudge, Andes Mints)

You are the vintage gal with a side of sass. You’re a crowd favorite for sure but you know how to handle yourself against the other alphas in the room. You take initiative in any situation and when you have a goal you get it done. You’re never afraid to step out of your comfort zone and take charge. That being said, you’re a great friend too. You always remember a birthday and you’re the first to text your friend at midnight or get them cupcakes or flowers. Go get ‘em, Veronica.

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Classic Vanilla: (toppings could be: whipped cream and a cherry on top)

You are timeless. Your perfection exudes from the inside with the kindness of your heart. You care about others before yourself, always putting others needs before your own. Remember not to get carried away with others drama, you have enough to deal with yourself. You excel in school! Subjects like journalism, creative writing and history are all your favorites. You see the good in everyone and are in a long-term relationship with people based on their personalities and not their looks. Everyone loves Betty, welcome to the club!

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Cookies and Crème: (topping could be: Oreo cookie crumbles, hot fudge, chocolate sprinkles)

Woah, look out Rockstar, you can do it all. You’re athletic, a musician and everybody loves you even though they wonder how you juggle it all. You handle yourself with grace. The majority of the time you’re there for anyone in a time of need. Your friends also come to you for advice, although sometimes it’s not always the best, it’s the thought that counts right? You’re definitely not a sight for sore eyes either. If you have a crush on someone, think about it, they probably like you too. Score! You’re just like Archie!

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Bubblegum (toppings include: rainbow sprinkles or cherries)

You aren’t afraid to show who you are. Your musical talent and leadership skills will take you to the top of the radio charts or the top of the world. Wherever you choose to go in life, you’ll do it big. You may seem to hide back in the shadows but it’s your small demeanor that makes you come out in big ways. You’re part of the Pussycats but you’re the head chick. Here's to you, Josie!

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Salted Caramel Coffee: (toppings could be: chocolate sauce, sprinkles, coffee beans, cocoa powder)

You’re mysterious and full of different layers. Are you caramel? Are you coffee? Are you trying to solve a murder? All you know is that you’re weird. But you like it that way. You’re a bit of an outlier in terms of milkshake flavors. Not everyone gets you, but when they do, they love you for your unique personality. You’re definitely loyal. Although you dance to your own beat, you see many opportunities to engage with your friends. On a Friday night, you’d be content either staying in or going out. You have so many different layers that you confuse everyone, but, that’s a good thing. Try on your new hat, Jughead Jones.

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Strawberry Shortcake: (toppings could be: whipped cream, raspberry sauce, cherries or mini cheesecake bites)

You’re an all-American choice. Your looks are regal and traditional. You can definitely rock a red lip, and deep down, you are Queen Bee. You dominate any room you walk into because of your amazing looks and strong, intimidating demeanor. Not everyone’s first choice of milkshake, but when they get used to you, they’ll keep coming back for more. Although your brother was murdered; you still didn’t lose your A-list status. You run this town and you aren’t afraid to show it. Congrats on the perfected it-girl stare, Cheryl.

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