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What “No-Shave November” Is and Why It’s About More Than Just Beards

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Oregon chapter.

Many people participate in a month-long event every year called No-Shave November. The thing is, not everyone even knows the underlying cause or message behind the beards and mustaches, or how much more important this month is than just a bunch of unkept hair. 

No-Shave November is a mission to grow awareness for and create a conversation about cancer. It’s genuinely a journey that provokes more than just beards and mustaches of the unkept variety, and the overall goal is to cherish and embrace the hair that so many cancer patients lose. Grooming and keeping up appearances can cost hundreds of dollars a month, and during November the costs that would normally go to barbers and razors are donated to the cause. 

Anybody can be involved in No-shave November and support the cause. Whether it’s growing out that beard or mustache or putting down the razors and letting your legs grow free for a month, it’s the participation that matters. The rules are simple for a reason, and whether you’re participating firsthand or supporting others who are, it’s important to understand the cause and why it’s more than just some unkept hair. So go for it! Explore your natural side and give back, after all, ’tis the season for beards.

Learn more at https://no-shave.org, and participate in what could be a life-changing month for you and so many others. 

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