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What My College Job Has Taught Me In Preparation For The Real World

Simultaneously working and going to school can suddenly make your schedule busier than ever. Though I have always worked while going to school, I am thankful for the opportunities, skill set and positive attitude it has given me in order to propel me forward in the real world. Some days might be more stressful than others, yet I have learned to balance school, work, clubs and other social activities successfully.


Over the past four years at college, I have learned that hard work pays off, especially if you’re juggling work and school. I have also had those moments when you suddenly have no idea how you’ll get it all done, but somehow you find a way to do it all. The hard work that you put into your job translates into your motivation for the real world when life gets challenging.


It has taught me that you will be ready for what comes your way whether that means suddenly balancing an internship and a side job or another job plus school. Whatever happens, you understand that you are capable of handling a lot on your plate and have ways to manage your time in an effective manner.


I have learned to be a better communicator. This applies to almost any job that involves daily communication, which allows you to contact people you may have never imagined yourself talking to. It also teaches you how to talk to individuals professionally which gives you practice for real world situations. Being an effective communicator will lead you in the right direction whether you are in a job interview or talking to the boss face to face.


I have learned to practice patience. There were many days when work was overwhelming and I realized I had to take a step back and regain my thoughts. Practicing patience for yourself will help you learn how to handle situations in the workplace as well as complete tasks on time with less stress.


I have realized that you can make any situation more enjoyable with a positive attitude. My current job may be extremely fun now, but I am aware that there are many jobs that may be more tedious and repetitive. In any situation, you should learn to enjoy the work you do by reinforcing positive thoughts. If you come into work with a negative mindset, then you might have a negative day and affect your performance levels. There is no benefit to being negative and this will reflect the quality of work you put in.


Lastly, I understand that every job leads to an open door. Even if you have an entry-level job somewhere or are doing something unrelated to your interests, that’s okay. Every job is a stepping stone to the next opportunity to learn more and grow as an individual. Jobs don’t and won’t align with all of your interests, and that’s okay. Learning new things and expanding your knowledge in other fields will only help you become a more well-rounded person.


Working and balancing school and other campus activities has been a beneficial experience for me and I am most grateful for it because I have gained skills that I need in order to soar in the real world.

Hi! I'm Hailey. I am a senior at the Unviersity of Oregon studying Advertising. I am a workout nut and a Certified Personal Trainer at our campus REC center. In my free time you can find me outside, either hiking, biking or exercising. I am also completley obsessed with the fashion industry and will hopefully be going into Fashion Merchandising and Marketing in the near future. 
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