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In 1994 the most iconic female pop group formed and the Spice Girls were born. Their image of female independence and lively personas made them a timeless group that has continued to be enjoyed throughout the years by all generations. Yesterday the pop legends announced that they would be going on a reunion tour, with their last performance together being over 10 years ago. 

Victoria Beckham, aka Posh Spice said that she will not be joining in on the tour. The fashion mogul emphasized what a huge and important role her time in the Spice Girls has had on her life. While for fans this is devastating news, the rest of the members are very supportive of her decision to not participate in the upcoming tour. 

Baby Spice, Emma Bunton, co-hosts the radio show Heart Breakfast and it was there that the Spice Girls discussed Victoria Beckham’s decision to not join the tour. They reflected on her current presence in the group and how involved she still was in it. There are no hard feelings between the members as there is a nurturing and emphatic relationship amongst them.

The Spice Girls have already announced six tour dates in the UK and have been dropping hints at more tour dates to come soon. Although it won’t be a complete reunion tour it will still be an experience that any fan would not want to miss. During a time when the world seems to have forgotten the importance of womanhood, the Spice Girls are back to remind everyone of their fierce feminist stance and to  “never give on the good times.” 

I am a senior pursuing my degree in Economics with a minor in Business and French. I am very involved in campus in organizations such as Women in Business, IR Futures and Kappa Alpha Theta. My passion for writing has driven me to share the voice of female students in this climate. I love discussing film and music from every genre.
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