Vegan and Cruelty-Free Sexual Wellness Brands to Support

When going vegan, buying cruelty-free sexual wellness products may not be your first thought, but there are many brands that make having a sex life good for you and animals, too. Did you know some condoms use milk in their latex? Ew. Luckily, these brands are free of animal products and are never tested on animals.



I’ve been using L.’s tampons for a while now and I LOVE them. When I found out they also make condoms, I was so excited. They make ultra thin, classic, ribbed and large condoms, which you can subscribe to on their website. If you aren’t interested in a subscription, you can order a 15 pack for $15.

P.S. They also sell a variety pack.


Sir Richards

This PETA approved company sells a variety of sex products such as vibrators, condoms and lube. Sir Richard’s condoms come in pleasure dots, ribbed, ultra thin and extra large. You can find them at various stores, including Spencer’s, Whole Foods Market, CVS Pharmacy and Kroger Stores. I’ve seen this condom brand at many places, so they should be easy to find.



Lola first started out as a menstrual product subscription service (which I have ordered from before, and approve of) and recently started providing condoms. Currently, they have an ultra thin condom available with every ten condoms costing about $10, and when you subscribe, you get free shipping. Lola also has lubricant, cleansing wipes, as well as a sexual wellness kit which includes all of the above plus a guide to sexual wellness.



Sustain literally has it all. This vegan, organic, and all natural brand has everything from menstrual products, condoms, lube, wipes, body wash and massage oil. Their condoms come in different sizes such as ultra thin, large and tailored fit, which has a smaller base than regular condoms. Their lube is aloe vera based, which is safe for condom and sex toy use. Sustain is found in a number of stores such as Target, Whole Foods Market, Sprouts, Fred Meyer and plenty more, including online.


Good Clean Love

Based in my college town of Eugene, Oregon, Good Clean Love sells all natural lubes and aphrodisiacs. They recently released a new lube called BioNude, which works with your body to provide natural lubrication. Something cool I just learned is that they make a vanilla chai scented lube called Guilty Pleasure. Good Clean Love is also known for their aphrodisiac oils, using blends of essential oils to create a sensual environment. This brand is found at Target, CVS, Walmart, and others.



This popular known lubricant brand is entirely glycerin free, which is a must in order to keep your vagina’s pH at the right balance. From water based to silk hybrid, there are honestly way too many different lubes to name. Variety and natural ingredients are what makes Sliquid one of the best lube brands out there. Sliquid can be found at CVS, online, and at most sex shops.



This brand provides the cutest sexual wellness supplies I have ever seen. They have something called the “Bangover Prevention Kit” which has condoms, aloe vera based lube and body mists. I am so sad it is sold out because I literally want it now. They have three body mists with super funny names, such as F*ckboy Repellant, a glitter spray, Moregasm Mist, a relaxing aromatherapy spray, and Bae Spray, an invigorating aromatherapy spray. Their condoms are a good ole ultra thin classic fit with a cute holographic print on the wrapper. I will definitely being doing a review on this brand’s products soon, once their products are back in stock.



Glyde is one of the first vegan and cruelty free condom companies, and they are still up and running at full speed. They make a variety of condoms, from varying sizes to varying flavors, as well as dental dams. You can find them at a number of online retailers, as well Walmart.



Designer sex toy brand LELO is killing it in the industry. Their HEX condoms are innovative af, using a hexagonal pattern for a close-to-nothing feel. They also have a water based personal moisturizer that is toy and condom safe. You can find HEX condoms in regular and XL fit at Target, CVS, Walmart and online.

Now, of course, any condom is better than no condom, so if you don't have a vegan condom on you, any will do. Hopefully these all natural and vegan brands appeal to you, and hopefully more brands go cruelty free. Now get out there and get some!