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Turtlenecks, your sweater alternative

Sweaters are a big deal in winter, right? I think just about anyone can get behind a good sweater. I mean think of all your options. You’ve got cashmere for the days you’re feeling like a retired supermodel with about 10 cats who attends weekly teas with her posse of fashionable gals and expensive purses, knit to remind you of your grandma who once knit you a pair of gloves interwoven with sparkly ribbon which you wore all of once for her benefit, wool for when you’re feeling extra chilly, and then whatever material H&M sells because it’s cheap, comfy, cute, and cozy all at once. You honestly can’t go wrong with a sweater because you’re choosing the coziest fashion choice that’s still cute and who doesn’t want to sign onto that deal? But I’m not here to convince you of the magic of sweaters. No, you can do that all on your own. I’m here to advocate for the turtleneck. I believe this less popular trend is a great alternative to the sweater look when it comes to wanting to be bundled up and warm. Read on to see why…

As a kid, the thought of having to wear a turtleneck for any reason ever could’ve inspired me to run away from home or do something else completely desperate and over the top. I thought of them as suffocating, uncomfortable, itchy, and impossible to escape. Some people still can’t get behind the feeling of wearing turtlenecks but I am 100% on board at this point. Consider me the conductor of this turtleneck train, welcome aboard ladies (and gents). 

The reason I love turtlenecks so much is because they’re the perfect layering item. You can wear them solo with a cute jacket thrown over, a massive scarf, with a beanie, or with a t-shirt or dress over. The options are endless really. Another great thing about turtlenecks is their wide variation. Turtleneck tanks, although a little out there, can definitely be cute for the warmer months, turtleneck sweaters, I mean, we already discussed the magnificence of sweaters so add on a cozy neck and you’re double winning, mesh or sheer turtlenecks to really spice up an outfit or go out in, and then your classic long sleeve turtleneck in every color you can imagine. Just think, every shirt you own could be a turtleneck if you wanted. Maybe that’s an excessive thought, but it could.

Another thing that has to be mentioned if we’re going to talk about turtlenecks is the mock neck. This is the perfect option for those who can’t get behind the tight feel of the turtleneck but still want that extra neck warmth. A mock neck is a perfect split between your average T-shirt and a turtleneck. It goes about halfway up your neck and usually isn’t too tight. See turtleneck haters, there’s even an option for you!

If I thought long and hard, I’d probably still never find a reason why someone shouldn’t have at least one turtleneck in their closet. They’re everything a sweater is only without the bulk plus perfect for layering. What more could you possibly want?! 

I’m over the whole buying new scene and have (almost) fully converted to buying second hand. Turtlenecks are usually an easy find at your local thrift store because all the old ladies get tired of their closets full of them. This is great because then, girls like us get to have a real hay day and go turtleneck crazy. Find me layering them with just about every other item in my closet until at least April. Then, I’ll transition to the turtleneck tank with a pair of cute high rise jeans. I’m telling you, turtlenecks are back and better than ever so you might as well jump on this bandwagon because (hopefully) this is going to be a long ride.

So I'm writing, right? When suddenly all I can think about is Key Lime La Croix and avocado bagels and now look where we are. I live to entertain, educate, and empower you, my lovely reader. Thanks for coming along for the journey.
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