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Top places to study at UO

Finals for spring term are just around the corner. Can you believe it? It’s almost summer break! But first, we have to make it through finals week. The first thing to successful studying is location, location, location. Honestly, if you’re not studying in the right environment, you’re doomed before you even begin. Find a place where you can spread out and avoid distractions.  It also might help if you find an unusual place that not many people will be at. Some great study places on campus, besides the Knight Library of course, are:

Skylight Lounge in the EMU: This area has some great natural lighting to study in, none of those harsh florescent lights. However, if it’s really sunny outside, the Skylight can get pretty hot, especially if you’re sitting near a window. There are plenty of tables that are large enough to spread out as much as you’d like or share with group members. It’s usually pretty quite with some background noise and the best part; it’s close to food!

Science Library: This library has the typical library atmosphere, except it’s underground! How cool? There is a variety of seating options that range from a “quiet area” to a place for group work. There are a few white boards that you can utilize to help map group projects or work out a problem.

Law Library: This place is SILENT!  Sometimes I’m even afraid to unzip my backpack to pull out my textbooks. It’s never been crowded whenever I’ve studied there. That being said, it could be the perfect place to study because there would be little around to distract you.  The chairs and tables are also all nice and new and there’s plenty of room to spread out.

Allen Hall: As J-students all know, we now call Allen Hall home again after a major renovation.  This building is perfect for studying and finishing final projects. There are tables and chairs everywhere in this new, modern building and there are multiple computer labs on the third floor. Black and white printing is free for J-students.  The best news? It’s open 24/7, so you can study late into the night with your fellow dedicated peers.  Now where’s our café?

Lillis: I don’t know why, but I love to sit at the tables on the top floor of Lillis and look down at the activity below. Maybe it makes me feel like I’m on top of the world? In any case, I love to snag a table between classes and do a tiny bit of homework. I’m not a huge fan of staying there for long periods of time just because I can’t spread out all my stuff, but for an hour or two, I like it.

Room: Sometimes your room is just the best place to study after all. You can wear your baggiest sweats and keep a cup tea or coffee close by. Just make sure to try and minimize distractions. I know I’ve fallen victim to procrastinating by cleaning my room a few times.

Good luck Collegiettes! Study hard because summer is almost here!

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