Top 15 Worst Miss Universe Pageant National Costumes

If you're going to watch any part of the Miss Universe Pageant, it better be the National Costume Round. Whether you love it or hate it, you're bound to have something to say during this competition.

First, let's take a look at some reasonably tasteful and beautiful dresses.

Miss Lebanon's dress isn't as exciting and blunt as other countries, but is simply stunning and classic. She looks graceful and flawless.

Without trying way too hard to be Eastern European, I would totally wear Miss Ukraine's beautiful ensemble. I mean, that flower crown?? So cute!

This year's winner for National Costume was Miss Nicaragua. Now that's what you call "go big or go home."

Miss Myanmar pulled off her national costume with class and culture. 

Kind of a wild card, but out of all the bird-like costumes from South America, I think Miss Ecuador looks fantastic in her Incan ensemble.  

Now to the more questionable costumes. And believe me, it was hard to narrow it down to fifteen. In no particular order, here are fifteen of the decidedly worst Miss Universe national costumes.

We get it, you're from a country of some pretty negative stereotypes, i.e. bad teeth, pompous accents, etc. But Miss Great Britain, this is what you give us? The Queen crossed with a prostitute?

Tsk tsk.

Even this year's Miss Universe winner, Miss Venezuela Maria Gabriela Isler, was a little questionable. Where do I start: the excessive jewels? Cowboy hat? Lisa Frank color scheme?

Oh, Miss Canada... even your beauty can't save this outfit. 

Okay, maybe I could deal with the feathers, the metailic fan tail, the moons on your nude tights, and that ocean-colored staff thing. But then you have a temple on your head. And that just looks straight up uncomfortable, Miss Guatemala. Cute pumps though. 

On that theme of building head pieces, Miss France tries to rock a mini Eiffel Tower. And a fishing net. And that's about it. 

Miss Croatia, Spanish bull fighter, or BDSM model? Because I see all three. And I'm not sure if that's good.

Okay, I honestly kind of love Miss Peru's ensemble; the flowers, shoes, and colors are fantastic. But then there's that creepy baby. 

Yes, Miss Botswana is cute for sure. But of all the patterns and extravagant pieces to choose from, you went with 50's housewife? Such a disappointment. 

Miss Belguim decided to show up in her Halloween costume instead. Which is a... devil black swan?

Presenting Miss Curacao, half woman, half lizard.

And then there's Miss Sweden, warrior princess. Don't let her country's peacfeul nature fool you. 

I believe the last time we saw Miss Puerto Rico's dress on the evil queen from Snow White...

Miss Netherlands. No comment.

Is she a butterfly? Is she on acid? No one knows with Miss Jamacia.

Perhaps the most embarrassing ensemble this year was from our very own Miss USA. This is apparently what represents our country. Just....why?

Photos from Tom & Lorenzo and Oh No They Didn't