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Tips on Surviving Your First Oregon Winter

Oregon is a state regarded for its beautiful natural embellishments, its dependably gloomy weather, and its beautiful ability to capture the four seasons. Winter, although beautiful, can usually be hard to bear if you’re a native to warm weather, like myself. Luckily, I took note of what worked best for myself last winter, one that was particularly cold and cloudy. It can be hard, especially during a socially-isolating pandemic, but these tips are bound to put you on the right track to making lifestyle changes that fit you best this winter.

    Winter in Oregon is marked by its gloomy, and usually stormy, skies. One thing I noticed last year, much to my shock and a little bit of laughter, is that most native Oregonians do not use or carry umbrellas, sometimes even when it’s raining pretty hard out. Instead, I learned that investing in waterproof and puffer items to layer worked just as fine in the case of some light rain, and was more convenient than carrying an umbrella around. Another must have known not only because of their functionality, but also their popularity, are Doc Marten boots. My personal favorite Doc Marten color is white, because they really stand out in an outfit. Lastly, getting a doormat or area to store your shoes is really helpful, especially when it starts raining more frequently in the later end of the winter term. 

    Mental health can be hard to maintain during the seemingly never ending gloom. Last year, my mom invested in a vitamin D lamp for my dorm, and it is actually a product that I swear by today. I usually turn it on while I do homework daily, and I noticed an overall improvement of my mood and energy levels after continued use of my lamp. With winter term classes piling up enough to stress out anyone, I also found that investing in two items: a journal and a planner, was an amazing decision. A planner kept me on track and organized, and a journal let me express and identify my emotions, feelings, and thoughts when I was stressed or frustrated. One additional habit I picked up is reading on the particularly rainy days. On days when it rained incessantly, I always set aside time to light a candle, open a window, and indulge in a book. Even seemingly small acts do so much for my mindset! 


The University Counseling Center also offers counseling and support during these hard times. To speak to a professional, call (541)-346-3227. 


The winter months can be daunting, but also a beautiful display of all that Oregon has to offer. As always, be sure to take time for yourself and prioritize self care. If you adjust some of your routine to accommodate these tips, I hope you find the best winter routine for you and your schedule!

Hi! My name is Lauren Howard, I'm 21, and I'm from Palos Verdes, CA. I'm currently Junior the University of Oregon, and I'm majoring in Advertising. In my free time, I enjoy watching Netflix, thrifting, or vibing to one of my many Spotify playlists. A passionate storyteller and opinionated to a T, I'm excited to delve into some of my favorite topics, and learn from everyone here!
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