Three Quirky Netflix Gems You Probably Haven't Seen

Scientists agree, there's only one thing greater than binge-watching a timeless series like Friends or Parks and Recreation on Netflix: finding hidden gems. Whether you scrolled past these titles in search of something more well-known or have simply never heard of them before, these quirky stories full of heart and humor are sure to leave you satisfied. You may even find yourself willing to give other lesser-known movies a shot once you see how magic these small-budget films can be!

1. Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

This charming love story doomed by the oncoming apocalypse is extremely quirky—almost as quirky as the fact that Steve Carell and Keira Knightley play love interests in the film. You won’t know whether to reach for a box of tissues or scratch your head in confusion because someone let Michael Scott out of Scranton. One thing is guaranteed: the sincere, simple heartwarming message of this movie will leave you grateful that our world isn’t ending soon (as far as we know).

2. The Fundamentals of Caring

This Netflix original was made for those of us who are still in love with Paul Rudd from Clueless. However, this time the spotlight is on Trevor, a boy who has had to deal with the effects of a debilitating disease. Paul Rudd, who plays the role of Trevor’s caregiver, re-learns everything about love, humor, friendship, and courage as he and Trevor set out on a campy road trip to see the World’s Largest Pit. John Green novel meets adult drama film in this surprisingly heavy story about moving on from the rough patches in our lives.

3. Begin Again

If you love music and quality Mark Ruffalo time (your hand should be raised high), then Begin Again is the perfect film for your Friday night. Arguably the least funny of the three selected movies, this film makes up what it lacks in humor in heart. John Carney, the writer and director, is critically acclaimed for his talent of creating beautiful, complex stories that incorporate the beauty of music. Fall into the world of music producers and dreamers as you watch this indie flick. Also, you’ll feel cool for saying you watched (and actually enjoyed) an indie flick. Adam Levine may even make a guest appearance as one of the supporting actors.