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Summer: Internship or Job?

We may have a good amount of weeks left in the school year, but what happens when summer rolls around? We all could use that extra cash, but then comes around that idea of getting an internship. 

There are pros and cons to both of these options. The pros of getting a job include:

1. Taking in the money

2. Many options to apply for

3. Looks good on a resume

4. Move up to a better position

But what about cons?:

1. Can last all summer

2. Can’t skip often

3. May not make much money for how much work you put in

Now the pros of getting an internship include:

1. Looks fantastic on those resumes

2. Build leadership skills

3. Can travel for a good amount of time (Not too long/too short)

4. Meet many new people

5. Can lead to a permanent job


1. May not want to leave home

2. Might not get treated the best (Coffee runs?)

3. Don’t get paid

Kara Fagan is currently a sophomore at the University of Oregon, where she is studying the field of journalism. Even though she is greatly driven to do well in academics, she also enjoys many other activities that college life has to offer. You can find her going out to eat at Qdoba with friends, curled up in sweats watching Netflix, or even joining events that her sorority, Alpha Phi, sets up. If you want to find out more about Kara, follow her on Instagram (@fagan_kara)!
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