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Stop self-sabotaging and enjoy Valentine’s day!

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February is here and in full force. As I am starting to see the season change to lots of pink and red decorations I am seeing a lot of negativity being spread around from my peers on social media?  Let’s dig at this for a second. 

The anxiety of Valentine’s day along with the pressure of being loved and loving others is closing in on all of us right now. I think it’s interesting that we think those who are in relationships have taken over the day and those who are currently single have to hide away for 24-hours feeling shameful and embarrassed. 

My hot take is how you view Valentine’s day says a lot about how you may view yourself. 

That seems a little harsh but it’s necessary to think about. Why do you hate a day about love? What triggers you about this holiday? Why is it annoying to have others being loved around you? All of these are internal conversations you should be having with yourself in order to be a responsible adult. There are zero excuses as to why you are an adult with adult responsibilities and you are still throwing hate at Valentine’s Day. Respectfully, it’s time to grow up my friends. 

 I think these questions connect directly to why people feel so alone and angry on V-Day! There is a deeper-rooted issue among your mental and emotional feelings and that’s normal. It is okay to feel like you hate this day! What’s not okay is staying blind to obvious issues you are internally dealing with. Love doesn’t always mean a significant other, this day is about loving yourself, your friends, your pets, your mom! Send love around in a way you are capable of and what makes you feel like best encapsulates how you view YOU. 

Before the 14th, I challenge you. Try journaling away your feelings and working through why you feel this hidden anger, sorrow, or anxiety about feeling or giving love. Try planning something with friends or roommates and CELEBRATE this day of love. Go to target and pick out special cards for your family and friends and mail them. Go buy cake mix with pink frosting and bake cupcakes. Take your best friend out on a date and enjoy each other’s company. HOWEVER, make sure it’s not you trying to change the holiday to death day or hatred day, celebrate it for what it is, love. Change your mindset about what love is surrounding you and watch things morph around you into more positive outcomes. 

Be kind to yourself and your mind. Give yourself a damn break and just enjoy the tacky holiday. 

Alyssa Leon

Oregon '22

I am a senior at UO studying English with a minor in legal studies. I am passionate about social justice reform, my book collection, and saving the sharks!
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