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Spring Break at Home? No Problem.

Make plans: Make reservations for movies, new restaurants you have been wanting to try, or plans to see those family members you haven’t seen in a year.

Schedule Some Spa Time: schedule that hair cut, get your nails done, or even book a massage to de-stress after finals.

Take a Day Trip: Drive somewhere outside where you live to a place you don’t normally go.

Go Shopping: Even if you don’t buy anything, it can be fun walk around and see what’s out there!

Catch Up On Work That You’ve Been Putting Off: Spring break is a great time to update your resume and online portfolio, or apply for internships or jobs for the summer.

Relax: Order in and watch a new show. Spring break can be the perfect binge watching time.

Read: Challenge yourself to finish a book or two in a week!

Cook: Find a meal you’ve been wanting to make and make it for your family.

Find a Work Out Class: Experiment with finding a workout class that works for you so you can do it while you’re back at school.

I am a junior at the University of Oregon. Majoring in Public Relations. Let me pet your dog.
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