Spring 2018 Runway Trends To Add To Your Closet


This pop of color for spring immediately caught my eye. Not only is this such a diverse color to be dressed up or down, but anyone can rock it. No matter what you wear for bottoms—skirt, jeans or shorts—lilac makes a statement. I absolutely dig this color and it does not need any added flare to make you stand out.


Very dark denim

Denim has always been a staple item in most people’s closets, but the darker the denim, the more I want it. Dark denim will match almost everything. It looks good with light colors, sequins, stripes, floral, you name it. Denim can be as casual as a night out with friends or a lazy day of just hanging out because it’s not just on pants, but it's also available on shirts, jackets skirts and even on bralettes.




Though ruffles can be either subtle or extremely voluminous, they are a trend that I always see returning on the runway. Ruffles tend to be found on tops, dresses, rompers or skirts. It can turn a more dull outfit into something fashionable with its added fabric. It’s such a stylish trend that looks fantastic in any color. 


Showing Off Those Shoulders 

I know this is a continuing trend because last year practically every shirt had cutouts or no sleeves at all. I’m a huge fan of cinched tops or off the shoulder tops that make your shoulders look ah-maz-ing, especially in summer. With or without ruffles or texture, showing off one or both shoulders is both sexy and flirty. 


Ties and Twists

I always look for tops that have a fun tie in the front to accentuate the waist and create a fashionable look. On the spring runway at NYFW, I loved how they played with different sizes of knots, whether it was in the waist or the bust area. It also looks trendy when it has a cutout in the middle or on the sides for a extra “wow” effect.



Sequins, especially on tank tops and dresses, make you shine (literally) from the inside out. No need to find accessories to match because sequins can be trendy without adding anything extra with it. You can pick plain colors to match because all the attention is on the sparkle that comes with a sequined look. It’s a very fun and vivacious look that can be rocked off the runway.