Songs of the Spring

As it has been partly sunny in Eugene, it is evident that spring is approaching. The sun is beginning to shine, and people are out. Here are the songs that I have been listening to that I plan on listening to all spring.


  • Justin Bieber Changes Album: This is such a great album. I have been listening to it every day. It is a fluid album where one song can lead straight into the other perfectly. As of right now when I do not know what song to play, I just put on the album. I love that he was inspired by his wife. You can see the love that he has within the lyrics. This album is the perfect blend between his Journals album and the Purpose album.

    • My favorite songs on the album right now are: 

      • Intentions: It is upbeat, fun but also has such a great message

      • Changes: I love this song. Any time Justin Beiber produces a ballad my heart just melts into a million pieces. This song is just so honestly raw. I am pretty sure I cried the first time that I listened to it. 

  • Lover Ft. Shawn Mendes: I know this song is old news but I STAN for this song especially the remix with my boy Shawn Mendes. It is just a feel-good song that I can listen to and just feel happy. I think that Shawn Mende's vocals give the song a whole new dynamic.

  • Death by a Thousand Cuts: As I am writing this article I am currently listening to this song. This lover album is the best Taylor Swift album that she has made in years. I feel her vulnerability and honesty and I am so for it. 

  • The Man: One last Taylor Swift song off the Lover album. This song is my freaking jam and I stand by that statement. What a freaking modern women song. She does not hold back and calls out the lack of gender equality in all aspects of life. 

  • Let’s Fall in Love for the Night: Finneas, I love you. I love this song, it has such a nice beat but also the lyrics are so pure. I picture just driving around by the beach playing this song. 

  • The Other Side: I don’t care if it is part of the Trolls soundtrack, Justin Timberlake makes bops only. What a happy, feel-good song perfect for spring and summer. 

  • To Die for: I often wonder what Sam Smith goes through but my goodness this song cuts my soul. Every time I listen to it I get teary-eyed. Wow, what vulnerability he is able to put into his music I love it.

  • Golden: When Harry Styles makes an album the world goes wild. His individuality is something that I love about him. His music is so authentically him and I think he just has one of the most attractive voices ever. 

  • Falling for Boys: Julia Micheals is a lyrical genius and this song is evident of this. I am so happy that she is writing her own music and telling her stories because boy does she have stories to tell. 

  • Myself: Now I was not the biggest Post Malone fan until this album, but I for sure am now. This album is pure perfection and I constantly have it on loop. This song is my favorite off the album and I probably listen to it about three times a day. 


So these are my current favorites to head into the spring.