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Running Trails in Eugene

The Eugene Marathon recently took place, and if you’re like me, you’ve been inspired by these incredible runners to lace up your running shoes and hit the trails. As added encouragement, the weather seems to be consistently sunny as we near summer. Here are three of my favorite places to run on a sunny day.


To Autzen Stadium:

Starting at the intersection of Franklin Blvd. and Agate St. it’s a 0.8-mile run to Autzen. The path is relatively flat with a few bumps, namely over the footbridge. What I love about this path is the fact that the scenery is constantly changing. When I began training for my first 5k run this was extremely helpful. I was able to concentrate on the different surroundings instead of how tired I was getting.

You can also easily increase the length of your run on this trail. When I gained endurance I made myself run to the gates of PK Park and back. You could also run around the perimeter of Autzen to make your run even longer.

Riverfront Path:

Instead of running to Autzen, take a right after crossing the footbridge and continue following the loop under the bridge. If you follow this path you will eventually end up at the mall. This paved trail is a longer run but it’s flat and goes alongside the Willamette River. From the footbridge it’s a 2.5-mile run. You can either turn around and run 2.5-miles back or cross the bridge and run 2.7-miles back with a change of scenery.  


Hendrick’s Park:

Running up to Hendrick’s Park can be quite a challenge, but it’s definitely a confidence booster once you make it up to the top and are able to run back down with ease. At the top there’s a drinking fountain under the pavilion so you can quench your thirst after powering up the hill. I loved running up this hill with my friend because it didn’t take very long, but it was still an extreme workout.

There are also a variety of trails in the actual park. You could walk up the Mt. Everest of a hill and run the trails in the park. Trust me, your calves will still get a workout if you walk up the hill instead of run.


Rec Center:

When there’s a rainy day in Eugene (because we all know it’s more than likely) but you still want to run, the Rec Center is open everyday. It features an indoor track and multiple treadmills depending on your preference. It may not be as fun as running outside, but at least you’re keeping with your routine and getting exercise.


Eugene is not the safest place, especially at night. When you’re running, remember to pay attention to your surroundings and if possible, avoid running after the sun goes down. If you do want to take on the city at night make sure to bring a buddy along. Also, pay attention when crossing streets. My friend and I were almost run over by a bus that ran a red light when we were crossing Franklin Blvd. It never hurts to be cautious!

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