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Rumor Has It That Uber Is Returning To The Streets Of Eugene

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Oregon chapter.

Yes! Uber is returning to Eugene, OR, and all the Californians are freaking out. Last Wednesday the Eugene city council voted to amend the city’s ordinances and regulations on ride hailing services, and from that comes the return of Uber. 

Uber was last seen in Eugene back in 2015 but then s*** hit the fan and there was a whole debacle about obtaining vehicle-for-hire licenses as well as a lawsuit between the company and the city of Eugene. As we all know, Uber then decided to not resume services in Eugene following these events…until now. We’re not sure what this means for the local taxi services because Uber and Lyft have a tendency to take over ride hailing services so this will be one aspect we’ll need to watch develop. However, in November, the city council first expressed interest in loosening regulations if they could assure safety within the ride hailing and taxi services alike. 

So now the big question is, “When will Uber officially be back?” Well, for now we don’t know. The city council needs to vote again following a public hearing for the old ordinance made in 2015 to be overturned. However, it has been commented that Uber is happy with the proceedings and will be returning. Hang in there a little longer because soon enough Uber will be taking over Eugene streets and college students will finally stop complaining. 

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