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Quick & Easy Dinner Recipes to Make During the Term

It’s difficult to manage time for school and ourselves, but meal prepping is the most important thing to set aside time for as college students. Having a balanced meal is very important to your health, so here are some homeade meals that are easy and quick to make for dinner: 

1. Stir fry

This meal is something that I often use because sometimes my vegetables are about to expire soon. All you need to do is grab some vegetables, a source of protein, and rice or noodles. If you don’t have any produce at home, they  often have stir fry packets or vegetable packs in the produce aisle at the grocery store. 


2. Tacos 

All you need is a source of protein, a packet of taco seasoning, onions, tomatoes, corn, rice, shreeded cheese, avocado, and tortillas. This meal only takes about half an hour or less. The only part that takes the longest is chopping the onions and tomatoes, but after that it is really quick and easy to make. All you need to do is mix the ingredients in a pan and fry the tortillas separately. For toppings, all you need is shredded cheese, salsa (optional), and avocado. 


3. Stroganoff 

This meal requires only a source of protein, onions, can of mushroom cream of mushrooms, and sour cream. Similarly to the tacos recipe if you are using ground turkey or ground beef all you need to do is mix in all the ingredients over the pan. It is super easy to make and pairs well with pasta noodles or rice. 


4. Pasta 

All you need is pasta noodles, tomato sauce, onions, mushrooms, and protein (optional). The only part that takes the longest is chopping the vegetables, but all you need is to cook the pasta in boiling water with olive oil and mixing in your vegetables with tomato sauce to make your pasta sauce. This recipe takes about half an hour, but is very quick and easy. Another option is to not use tomato sauce and just saute your vegetables with olive oil on a separate pan. 


5. Quesadilla 

This is obviously an easy one to make. All you need is tortilla and shredded cheese. If you want to add more, you can add some protein or vegetables. Sometimes I even add tomato sauce and shredded cheese and it becomes like a pizza. All you do next is add the ingredients on your tortilla and fry it on your pan. 


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