The Pros and Cons of Going Caffeine-Free

The Pros and Cons of Going Caffeine-Free

Almost all college students share some defining characteristics—a sticker-covered Hydroflask, a crappy sleep schedule, and a comfortable pair of Nikes are just a few of the similarities that unite us. However, one major characteristic unites us tighter than any other aspect of our lives: caffeine addiction. Despite our differing backgrounds and personalities, almost every college student admits to being reliant on one (or seven) cups of coffee to start their day off right.

This dependency has become somewhat of a joke. One doesn’t have to search far to see the clear evidence. Towns often have more Starbucks than parks. Coffee shops are the most common meeting places for interviews, first dates, and school projects. Shirts and decorative signs are adorned with phrases referencing coffee. Undeniably, this one little drink has become a major manifestation of daily life in the U.S.

As wonderful as a homework session in a cozy coffee shop can be, regular coffee consumption comes with certain drawbacks. Personally, these drawbacks motivated me to make the decision to go caffeine-free. In the name of honesty, maybe saying I’m “caffeine-free” is a bit of an overstatement. I am weak; if I have an essay to write or if I’m running on negative two hours of sleep, sure, I’ll sip on some coffee (nobody sue me). However, I choose to avoid highly caffeinated drinks more often than I fall victim to their temptation.

This choice comes from my personal experience with caffeine and how it negatively affects my body. Of course, everyone is different. Some people need their routine cup of coffee in the morning to feel balanced and capable. Regardless of your unique body chemistry, a decision to go caffeine-free (or at least mostly caffeine-free) comes with a significant list of pros and cons that anyone who’s thinking about making the change should consider.


  • Fewer expenses (coffee runs add up, especially if they happen every day)
  • You sound extremely health-conscious
  • You aren’t dependent on a substance to socialize normally; you’re doing it all by yourself!
  • You’re forced to find new, less expensive and less caffeinated ways to wake up (like stretching, listening to music, or going on a run)
  • You gain the satisfaction of conquering your craving


  • Having to study the menu for five minutes before finding something non-caffeinated to try at a coffee shop
  • You realize just how badly a sleepless night can throw you off
  • You feel like a little kid when your mature friends start comparing favorite coffee roasts
  • You crave coffee, all the time.