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Packing for Spring Break: The Essentials

As we finish studying for finals and push our brains to the limit, there is the ever-present reward of spring break in our minds. For many of us this means a vacation and some time away from the Eugene rain. After bubbling in that final scantron, or handing in one last paper, all you have to worry about now is packing and making some amazing memories!

Packing Smart:
For many of us the idea of “packing light” means trying not to throw our entire closet into our luggage. But if you pack smart, you’ll have everything you need without that feeling of lacking variety or options.

Black Dress
The little black dress goes a long way. Dress down during the day with a scarf or dress it up with gold or silver accessories at night. A great choice is this chiffon dress from h & m.

Skinny Jeans/ Black Jeggings

Pair these with your tank or blouse and get a few different outfits out of them. They are easy to pack and go with everything.

Neutral Blouse and Tank
Pick a flowy blouse and a comfortable tank in neutral colors that can be paired with anything. You can dress up either one at night, or wear the tank while sightseeing or at the beach.

Functional yet Cute Footwear
If you plan on walking, footwear that is comfortable is essential. This means you may have to go for some cute flats over sky high heels. Gladiator sandals are dressy enough for evening, and flat boots are easy to walk in all day.

Easy-to-Pack Accessories
Accessories take very little space in your bag, but can transform an outfit. Think bangles, scarves, and lip color to add variety to your spring break wardrobe.

Documenting your fun:
Instead of the typical point-and-shoot photos, why not try mixing it up a bit and bring a Holga camera on your trip. It instantly adds color and texture effects giving your photos something dynamic and fun!

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Rebecca Gibson is a University of Oregon junior studying photography and journalism. Her career goals include writing, design, and multimedia production for magazine. Due to growing up in the beautiful mountain town of Bend, Oregon, Rebecca values staying active and healthy and the beauty in simple things. She is addicted to online shopping, the feeling after a great workout, traveling the world, and eating delicious food. Her role models include Audrey Hepburn and Lauren Conrad, and any other woman who can be classy and maintain a healthy dose of sarcasm at the same time. She is a lover of all things original, creative, chic, and fashionable. Visit her website!

Rebecca is a senior at the School of Journalism and Communication at the University of Oregon. She is currently studying photography and magazine journalism. Hailing from the mountain town of Bend, Oregon, Rebecca values being outdoors, staying active, and the beauty in simple things. She loves seeing what other people are exploring in their fashion and finding new trends. Rebecca is a lover of all things creative, spontaneous, stylish, and interesting.
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