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Netflix Recommendations– You Can Never Have Too Many!

These shows are not ranked in any particular order. Many of them are shows I’m sure you’ve heard of, but this is just a list of the things I’ve watched somewhat recently and really enjoyed! You can never have too many Netflix recommendations.


This show is always a pick-me-up for me. I also love to sing so I can relate to the show on that level. But, beyond the singing, this show is fabulous for when you just need to watch something happy and easy. There’s also this mysterious death curse around the cast that is so weird to think about when watching the show.

The Walking Dead

The first seasons of this show are addicting. There does come a point when it tapers off and gets a bit dry, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from watching this show because it is so good. If you’re at all interested in zombie-apocalypse type stuff, or even not at all, try out this show!

Never Have I Ever

I’m so excited for season two of this show. I watched it in two nights. I loved how real and hysterical it was. It also teaches you a bit about another culture in a fun, unconventional way. Look into this one!


This is one of my absolute all-time favorite shows. The filming, casting, locations, music, and plot are all just beyond incredible. Everyone I know has loved this TV show. Season six comes out sometime this next year (hopefully) so watch it and catch up to the end of season five!

Schitt’s Creek

This is one that you can watch while you’re doing homework. It is so so so funny, and so light. I honestly thought that I would hate this show because I’d seen snippets of episodes here and there and really didn’t enjoy it. I also watched the first episode and didn’t find myself loving it. After getting a little into the show though I loved it and watched it for my entire fall term. I was so sad when I got to the final episode. Truly a must-watch.


I watched this show in middle school, and I still watch it when I find myself longing for it. So much drama, romance, history, all combined into one. I would watch this with my best friend and we still talk about it to this day. I think this is a lesser watched show on this list and I would highly recommend it.


I resisted watching this one with all of my might. My friends loved it and so did the rest of the world, and so naturally, my brain decided I needed to resist. Finally, I decided to give it a shot. I ended up binging it…and loving it. This show is full of drama and intrigue, and is so interesting. That’s truly how I would describe it. If you also are resisting this show, my advice is to give in and just try it.

Street Food: Asia

Warning: You will need to have some type of Asian food next to you in order to survive watching this. This show made me crave any type of Asian food, and so I ordered some, but it felt like nothing could compare to what they were cooking on the show. Now, I really want to go to Bangkok and try out their world-famous street food. An easy, fun watch!

Criminal Minds

This is a good show to “pick up and put down”. The episodes have some continuity but are also their own individual stories so you can pretty much start anywhere in a season and understand what’s happening. Also if you need a good scare, there are some truly heart-stopping episodes you can watch. The one that really got me was Mr. Scratch.

The Vampire Diaries

This is one of those shows where people say “get through the first couple episodes and you’ll be hooked”. Those people are correct. This is definitely a long-haul show, but it is so beyond good. Season 8 obliterates the soul—in a good way. It also has two spin-off shows that are wonderful in their own right: The Originals and Legacies.

Outer Banks

If you didn’t watch Outer Banks during our lovely lockdown period last year, what were you doing? It is so perfect for summer! It also makes you feel like you are not doing summer correctly. Cue jealousy and trying to make your entire summer wardrobe look like Sara Cameron’s. This TV show gave me the best feeling during the summer.

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