Must Watch Holiday Movies

These movies are all the ones I feel that should be watched, especially during winter break. It's cold outside so get into comfortable clothes, grab a warm drink and get some snacks 'cause if you haven't seen these you can be ready to binge-watch them. 

  1. The Polar Express 

    A true childhood throwback for the holidays. This is definitely a movie you’ll need to watch with a good cup of hot chocolate, cookies and friends.

  2. Home Alone

    Truly a funny and feel-good movie that I feel everyone should watch. It’s just something every kid deep down wants to do, I for sure did after I watched it.

  3. Elf

    One of the best movies for the holidays in my opinion. It’s one I always watch with my friends and never gets old. Makes us all laugh ‘till our stomachs hurt.

  4. The Nightmare Before Christmas

    A debatable movie, some arguing whether if it’s for Christmas or for Halloween. I honestly like to watch it for both holidays because it’s a win.

  5. A Christmas Carol

    This is one of the classics for the holidays. Whether it’s the Mickey Mouse version or the 2009 version with Jim Carrey, it is a beautiful movie everybody should watch. It’s a great movie with a strong moral and great story by Charles Dickens. 

  6. The Nutcracker

    No matter if it’s the ballet version, live-action that just came out in 2018, or even the Barbie version. The nutcracker is truly an amazing ballet and has a magical storyline with a beautiful soundtrack.

  7. The Grinch

    This might be another classic that everybody should watch, I love Dr. Seuss a lot both versions are good the live actions and the animated one, in my opinion, the recently released animated movie is probably my favorite since it’s so cute. 

  8. Star

    This. Movie. Is. One. Of. The. Best. It’s a movie that I wish was around when I was younger. It really incorporates what I grew up with which is my religion. All the characters are so cute and it’s really lovely. 

  9. Let it, Snow

    This is a movie I recently saw on Netflix. I thought it was going to be another cheesy teen movie but I still gave it a chance and surprisingly I liked it. I especially like the song First Christmas(That I loved you) so go watch it on Netflix.