Must-Have Activities When It's Finally Sunny In Eugene

You know it's going to be a great day when you step outside and it's sunny in Eugene. For those of you who are from Southern California, seeing the sun in Eugene is like waking up to a puppy on Christmas morning—exciting and speechless. 

Who doesn't love being outside when it's beautiful out? Below are a few activities to do in Eugene when the sun isn't hiding. 

1. Hike Spencer's Butte

Spencer Butte Trail is an approximately 1.5 mile loop trail located in Eugene, Oregon. This is a very popular tourist hike and on any sunny day you can find many people hiking it. This is a personal favorite of mine because it's a close drive and doesn't require a huge time commitment. And it's dog friendly! 

2. Float on the Willamette River

Now this is a must. I bought a raft and went to the river for the first time a couple weeks ago and wow it was amazing. I highly recommend making time to take a trip down to the river. Whether it's to float on the water or have a picnic with a friend, grab a towel and make your way towards the Willamette River by Autzen. If you take the time to scope out the area, you can find some really great quiet spots.

3. Beergarden

For you foodies looking to enjoy a meal in the sunshine, Beergarden is the place for you. Beergarden is home to various food carts and a Taproom with more than 30 taps and hundreds of bottles of beer, wine and cider. Its spacious outdoor seating is a great place to also get some homework done. Grab a friend or two and head over to Beergarden to enjoy some delicious food in the sun. 

4. Get your tan on at the EMU lawn

Tired of your friends making fun of you because you're super pale? Well, I know I am. Thankfully, the EMU has a huge spacious grass area that is open to everyone! What better way to spend a sunny day than tanning? Pick up some Chipotle or Panda Express and soak up the sun. If laying out isn't your thing, the EMU fishbowl has plenty of seating too. 

5. Saturday Market

The Saturday Market is a great place to go rain or shine. However, I highly recommend going when it is sunny out so you can stroll around and enjoy the weather. If you have family or friends visiting you should definitely spend the morning here. It is open every Saturday from April to November from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 8th & Oak in downtown Eugene. It consists of various pop-up tents from hanging plants, backpacks and purses, jewelry, paintings and more! 

Don't waste anymore of your time sitting inside! Get up and get outside before you regret not doing all of these fun activities.