Music Festival Do's and Don'ts

There is nothing quite like the sensation of placing your bare feet onto the cold grass as you walk into a music festival. Your heart is racing because you’re so ready to enjoy an unforgettable weekend and get lost listening to your favorite artists over the next few days, but it is also easy to get carried away with the melodies and in turn suffer the consequences of being an unexperienced festivarian.  Here are a few do’s and don’ts to help keep you on the right path. 

Do: Bring a personal fan and body mister if possible, these items will save you from passing out and heat exhaustion (although profuse sweating is inevitable).


Don’t: Sit on the ground in the middle of the crowd if you begin to feel will repeatedly get trampled.


Do: Immediately decide on a meeting spot where everyone in your group can gather after each show in case you get lost, your phones die or you lose your phone entirely.


Don’t: Be that tall person who stands directly in front of people smaller than you, eliminating any chance of them seeing the artist or anything else for that matter.


Do: Jump on a larger persons shoulders if possible. This way you have the best seat in the house and it makes for a perfectly stereotypical festival photo!


Don’t: Over-commit to the scene and be that person with only body paint or a loin cloth covering your “essentials”.  We all prefer to not be exposed to that when rubbing against each other in large crowds. 


Do: See the unknown smaller sets that you know little about. These frequently end up being the ones that amaze you and can be enjoyed in a less stressful atmosphere.


Don’t: Forget to enjoy the artwork and surroundings. Although the music is what initially brought you there, most festivals bring so much more than just the music to the table. Find out what art, food and other entertainment is available for you. 


Do: Ride your bike to the venue if possible and avoid hours of taxi lines, miles of walking and hundreds of dollars spent on commuting back and forth (if you're not camping). With all of the staff working the venue, you can feel safe chaining your bikes to the fences near the entrance. 


Don’t: Over-indulge in alcoholic beverages the first day. You have usually spent a fair amount of time, money and energy into this event and it would be a shame not to make your favorite show due to a miserable hangover or sleeping in too late. 


Do: Bring your map with you every day to help you navigate from one stage to the next, no matter how familiar you are with the location. It also helps to highlight or circle the artists you plan on seeing ahead of time so that you can avoid conflicting times. 


Don’t: Forget to bring in your own water bottle. Although liquids are often prohibited from entering the festival sight, an empty water bottle will save you a decent amount of money if you are able to refill it throughout the weekend. Food and drinks are over-priced at most of these events, and eating and drinking before entering the grounds is your best option for saving your money. 


Do: Dance until your feet hurt, sing until your voice is gone and make amazing friends and memories in the process!