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In the midst of a pandemic it’s hard to really focus on anything. Especially being a full time college student during it. Thts the sad reality for many especially here at the University of Oregon. With classes being held remotely this term and somebeing stuck inside and back at home, motivation is slim to nothing. So here are some tips on how to try and get and stay motivated for this online term…


  1. Get Cute Supplies

I find it really helps to have cute colorful stationary like graphic notebooks, colorful variety of pens and sticky notes for those notes. It really gets you motivated to learn and actively take notes. Tip: They have various pretty college ruled notebooks and pens in Target. I always get my school supplies from there. #sadlynotsponsored


  1. Get Organized

Part of the motivation is to get back on a schedule and on the groove of things. I find it the best to have an agenda and monthly calendar planned out with academics and personal events and due dates. Its honestly up to the beholder of the agenda but once you start out with dipping your foot on getting organized its hard to not set up a monthly agenda or a simple to do list.


  1. Clean your Space

One tip that works for me is to have a clean organized space. Right now not a lot of libraries or coffee shops are open due to Ms. Corona so I do all of my work at home. It helps me stay motivated in studying and getting tasks done if my space and overall environment is tidy and open with natural light. Also I know it’s hard being stuck inside for long periods of time with no change in study environments so I go around all my house with each task I finish. 


  1. Zoom Study Groups

I’m currently at home with my family so I’m not close enough to my friends where we could responsibly meet up and study together. Just so I don’t get bored I zoom call my friends and study with them. We motivate and help each other since we all are currently on the same boat. It’s sadly as close as we can come to being back on campus studying in Knight Library. 


  1. Go Outside

As repetitive as it may sound going outside and taking a walk helps. Definetely along the lines of changing your scenery if you’re doing most of your studying inside. I would like to say exercising helps greatly but I can’t endorse it much since I myself realistically don’t do it much. But what I do is treat myself after doing most of my tasks, especially difficult large ones, to keep being further motivated.


Hopefully these tips help get that academic motivation running. These are very difficult unprecedented times we are facing yet we are still pushing through it all for that degree. Stay safe, wash your hands and wear your masks so hopefully we see each other soon on campus.


Hi there lovely people! My name is Anette Rodriguez-Rojas. I am a sophomore at the University of Oregon. I am currently majoring in both Journalism and Spanish, also thinking hard about adding Photography to the list. My life consists of enjoying many delicacies in this world such as doggos, traveling, food, impromptu dance parties and falling into YouTube rabbit holes at 3 a.m.
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