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Island Hopping in Greece this summer? Here’s What to do with one day in Rhodes, Greece!

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Summer vacations in Greece bring a lot of unique experiences and memories to life. As I have traveled there many times to visit family and explore our home country, what it gives me is always unforgettable. Hearing Greek music, the smells of delicious food, and the ocean’s sounds always come to mind when I think of the country. Greece is most famous for its islands; many people island-hop one to another. Personally, one of my favorites is Rhodes. With its remarkable history, food, and activities, it is a fantastic place to go. If you scroll down, you will find a list of the three things to do in one day in Rhodes. 

Walk the Medieval City of Rhodes

Wake up in the morning and walk one of the finest preserved medieval towns in Europe. While walking the Old Town, there will be many sights to see throughout the stone paths, one being the Grand Masters Palace. There is art, architecture, and history to immerse yourself in as you walk around the castle. 

Enjoy, Explore, and Dive into Elli Beach

After the medieval city, head over to Elli beach, located in Rhodes main town. Relax with the sounds of the ocean and dive into the clear blue water. The famous diving board located a short swim away is a unique attraction. Climb up the latter and jump off into the sea! Hours fly by with all the fun there is to have.

Dine on Greek Seafood

After enjoying your day at the beach, make sure to dine on what Greece is best known for; its seafood. One of my favorite restaurants in Rhodes is Limanaki. It is a must-visit with waterfront views over a bay, friendly service, and delicious fish. It is situated in Kolimnia, a quick drive away from most stays. It has a romantic and family-friendly setting, perfect for any group. 

Unforgettable memories can be made with just one day in Rhodes, Greece. If you have been debating on a trip to the Greek Islands, I promise you won’t regret visiting. So, immerse yourself in history, amazing food, and fun activities. Go book that trip!

Katerina Triantafillou Is a student at the University of Oregon, majoring in Advertising inside the School of Journalism. She is originally from Portland, Oregon, and loves to write on city life, food, drink, wellness, and travel.
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