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I say, do both. And feel good about it.

Summer has sadly but officially left us for the year. A tear may have been shed as we saw those Fall leaves whisk it out the door but with all things Winter coming our way, we can’t help but celebrate a little bit. I mean sunburns and constantly finding sand everywhere, and I mean everywhere is only fun for so long right? 

With Fall back and better than ever, find us trading in our bikinis and unsweetened iced teas for endless PSLs and oversized sweaters that we basically get lost in. We might as well stop working out too because man is it COLD outside, plus the sweaters hide everything anyway. If this is your current mindset, honey I can’t blame you. In fact, I’m right there with you. I too feel a slight sense of shame at the amount of hot, sugary, coffee I consume in the winter months and how often I stare out my bedroom window at the rain deciding against that run, choosing Netflix and a whole bag of Boom-Chick-A-Pop instead. These are my daily vibes through October, November, December, January, and even dragging into February when the Valentines’ chocolates (that I bought for myself) hit. It’s not physically or mentally within my power to say no to any of the delicious food and drink that come with the cold weather so I’ve had to look for other solutions than “no, I shouldn’t” because hun, you should.

Rather than a no to all my favorite foods I’ve said yes to working out. Now, before you click out of this article thinking all hope is lost for you, just don’t. Let’s not forget above where I said I’d choose a whole bag of popcorn over going on a run. I’m not asking you to go outside and freeze your cute, little behind off, I’m asking you and your fluffy reindeer socks to scroll over to that nifty App Store of yours and download NTC. From there, just let the magic begin. 

Nike Training Club is a curated exercise app that features workouts of all lengths surrounding your choice of muscle group, workout type, or equipment used. Maybe you’re feeling those arms lacking? Well sis, picture 13 minutes of arm and core engagement. 13 minutes? You couldn’t even scroll through your entire Insta feed at that time. Whether you’re using NTC outside, in your minuscule living room, or at the gym there is a workout that fits your setting, goals, and how much effort you’re willing to put in. You pick the workout that jumps out at you, or if you’re feeling ultra motivated start a 30-day training course that gives you instructions on what you should be doing to meet the goals you’ve chosen for yourself. Have I even gotten to the best part? THIS IS ALL FREE. Bless Nike and all that it does for our workout game, shoe game, and oh so much more. 

Working out isn’t about losing the exact amount of calories you need to continue eating and drinking as you please it’s about doing what you need to do to make yourself feel good on a day-to-day basis. With NTC, you can work out on your own time, anywhere, alone or with friends, even attached to your Apple Music or Spotify. What better way to do it? If it helps you feel better about your Winter eating habits that’s a major plus too. Just remember that you do what you do for you. Say it for the people in the back! So exercise or don’t. Get that PSL or don’t. Do both. Do neither. No one is judging you but you. I’ve chosen to do both and this is my way of telling you that you can too. So tomorrow when I start my day with ten minutes of core work on NTC then treat myself to a giant slab of pumpkin pie I’m gonna feel good about it and no one can tell me to do otherwise. 


So I'm writing, right? When suddenly all I can think about is Key Lime La Croix and avocado bagels and now look where we are. I live to entertain, educate, and empower you, my lovely reader. Thanks for coming along for the journey.
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