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How YOU Can Become the Next VS PINK Campus Rep

I am returning for my final year as a Pink Rep at the University of Oregon, and a few people have asked me: how did you get to work with Pink? I had this exact question when I saw Pink showcasing Reps on their social media channels. 

I learned about the Pink Campus Rep Program when I was a senior in high school. I was scrolling through Instagram one day and came across a post promoting Pink Rep applications. At the time, I didn’t qualify since I was a senior trying to figure out where I would go to college, and what I would study. 

The Pink Campus Rep Program is designed to empower collegiate students through brand initiatives. Students from all backgrounds are welcomed to apply to become a Pink Campus Rep. I wanted to pursue this opportunity because my inner 12-year-old beamed at the idea of working with Pink. Once in college, I thought the opportunity would perfectly align with my career goals as an advertising major. However, the Pink Rep program houses students with a diverse array of majors and concentrations. 

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Once I got settled into my freshman year, I saw the Pink bus on campus and my senior self had a flashback. I discovered there were two Pink Campus Reps at the University of Oregon and they hired a Campus Team of 5-10 students. I applied to be on the team because I wanted to learn more about the brand and get involved on-campus. Unfortunately, I wasn’t selected to join the team, but I continued to attend events and keep up with @vspink and @oregonpink on Instagram. When applications for the 2019-2020 school year were released, I decided to shoot my shot. 

At this time, it was a three-step application process. 

  1. Apply through the Pink Nation App

  2. Submit a 1-minute video introducing yourself and showcasing why you should be the next Pink Rep

  3. Interview with Pink HQ

Now the process is a little different. 

  1. Apply through the Pink Nation App

  2. Submit a mood board when given a creative prompt

  3. Interview with a retiring Pink Campus Rep

Here are a few tips if you are looking to be the next VS Pink Rep at your university. If the Pink Program isn’t available, don’t worry because Pink adds new schools to the program each year, and you can apply to bring Pink to your campus. 


Stay up to date 

  • Follow @vspink and the Pink page at your university! Find out who the current Reps are and follow their social channels as well. You can also find this information on the VS Pink website

Join the Pink Campus Team

  • Apply to be on the Campus Team! This is your opportunity to get involved with the brand and learn what the program is all about. Don’t worry if you aren’t selected right away because new team members are chosen every term/semester. 

Make connections

  • Keep up to date with what Pink is doing at your university. Make sure to attend any events and become familiar with the team. Current Reps get a say in who is selected as the next Rep, so they can definitely advocate for you. So learn as much as you can from the Reps at your school. 

Get involved 

  • Get involved on campus and build up experience you can showcase on your application. Are you a part of any clubs or organizations? Do you play any sports, volunteer, or do activist work? Pink wants to know!


  • Applications open up every year around January! Keep an eye out on @vspink’s Instagram channel, as they will release all the details. 

Monica and Rachel high-fiving

I was so lucky to have been chosen to Rep Pink alongside my co-Rep, Alyssa, during my sophomore year of college. Being a Pink Rep was like having a part-time job…the best job I could ask for as an undergrad. I hosted events, participated in social media challenges, ran @oregonpink’s social channels, and represented a brand that embodies everything I stand for. Being a Pink Rep has been the highlight of my college career!

A first-generation Latina crushing her life goals! IG: @melissatduran
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