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How to stay safe and sane during the next phase of COVID-19

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Oregon chapter.

After a period of almost two months for some states, stay-at-home orders are starting to become lifted and more people are wandering to non-essential businesses that can reopen their doors once again. Although this is a step in opening our economy, going out in public should still be taken with cautious measures. Not only is it about keeping ourselves safe, but protecting those around us who are immunocompromised or aren’t able to protect themselves. As government mandates start to loosen, it’s still important to implement similar practices like those in the previous lockdown. But how do we go out in public while keeping in mind the health of ourselves and others?


Six feet away 

    Most stores have convenient labels on the ground marking six feet distances. Look out for those signs and make sure to follow those guidelines. If they aren’t printed in the store, have your best judgement and be conscious of the space around you. 


Wear a mask in essential businesses

    Essential businesses have been open this whole time for a reason; to keep people alive and to be able to support their families. Whereas many of us who enter these businesses may have not had symptoms or been sick, there are some people who have no choice but to get the supplies they need. Therefore, wearing a mask is such a small act we can take to create a larger impact. 


Get creative with your gatherings

    As gatherings of up to 25 are starting to be written into county guidelines, this doesn’t mean you have to immediately expand your social circle or take it into close-spaced places. We can still have entertaining gatherings while practicing safe methods. It’s important to check in with yourself about how comfortable you are with certain situations, as well as others. Celebrating something or appreciating another’s company doesn’t have to be robbed by this virus. 


Be understanding of other’s opinions 

    Unfortunately this pandemic has further divided the country, and has become very politicized. That is one of the reasons why making decisions during this time has been so difficult. However, people have the right to their own practices. Even if you believe deeply in something, you aren’t going to sway everyone. Although it can be frustrating to not understand why someone has that opinion, rather than pushing politics on them, be aware of how they are feeling. Talking rationally with someone can solve more problems than starting a heated argument. No matter where they sit on the political spectrum, remind them that the least we can do is try to protect ourselves and others. 


Change your mindset 

    Although things are starting to reopen, we can still become discouraged about life getting completely back to “normal.” However, if we change our mindset about moving forward, we can start to appreciate the way things are. Settle in to being comfortable with continuing to stay at home for the majority of the day. Rather than looking at the world as this broken puzzle, think of it as pieces that now need to fit into other spaces. 


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