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How house plants elevated my apartment + daily life.

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Moving away from home finally gave me the freedom to fill my apartment with everything that made me happy and made me feel like the “adult version” of myself. I went into Trader Joes and bought a tiny little pot with a Monstera plant in it. It had three small leaves and looked easy enough to keep alive. I bought it mostly because I wanted something to put on my desk during the “covid year”. The second I went home and put her in her new home on my desk, I knew I would be addicted.

The feeling of excitement.

Seeing that I was keeping a living thing alive felt good. It made me responsible for something other than myself in a small enough way where I didn’t feel pressure. After a few weeks I got to stand back and see the growth my beautiful plant had made! I was excited to come into my room and see growth happening right on my desk and I was excited to show everybody my little friend.

A new hobby.

You know when you’re in an interview or talking to stranger and they hit you with the “What are your hobbies?” Saying watching tik toks in bed and watching the newest Netflix series sounds so embarrassing out loud. I finally had an answer to this awful question, “Im really into plants!”. It really became a hobby of mine to research and investigate all the different kinds of plants out there and different variants that are unique in their own way. I discovered a whole world of plant stores and boutiques that I had never been exposed to before. It became a way for my friends and I to connect on such a wholesome level. It was really powerful and beautiful to see others around me become excited about something other than typical college activities.

A whole new world of decor.

A fresh, new plant on a wooden stand will make you feel like an established adult. I promise. I have elevated my apartment just by adding a snake plant in my corner of my living room. Adding a colored or patterned pot or plant stand will also make your space feel so cohesive and put together. A plant on the window seal, hanging from the ceiling, on a shelf in your room, just about anywhere you can fit one will make your room feel alive!

You must visit these plant stores in Eugene.

To get your toes wet go into one of these cute stores to see what the plant community has to offer you. Raven and Rose Boutique on W 5th Ave is Eugene best kept secret. This is the store I visit consistently because of their continuing change of inventory. They also showcase amazing, small business gifts and creations as well. Perfect stocking stuffers for the holidays and the best variety of stickers and hand-made cards. Another go-to place is Down to Earth on Olive St., it is walking distance from Raven and Rose. This is a much bigger store with an entire plant and pot section. They have a wide variety and the best staff that will tell you exactly how to care for your new friend! If you are looking for fun, new things to do in Eugene, I suggest checking these places out!

Alyssa Leon

Oregon '22

I am a senior at UO studying English with a minor in legal studies. I am passionate about social justice reform, my book collection, and saving the sharks!
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