How To Have Fun During Finals

1. Go to a New Location

Switch it up and go to a pretty park or new up and coming coffee shop. Switching your location can also help give you a fresh perspective on your work.

2. Get Good Snacks

If you get easy to eat fun snacks studying will be a lot more enjoyable. You can also play games like you get to eat a piece of candy after every paragraph you write.

3. Get Cool School Supplies

Colorful pens and highlighters make your notes look fun. You can color code and make your notes look way cooler than they probably are.

4. Make a Playlist

If you like to study to music, spending a little time before the rush of finals to make a perfect study playlist is a good idea. It will motivate you and make studying more fun!

5. Study together with your friends

Studying in groups can help you understand material better by teaching others and learning things you might not have picked up in lecture.