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Home for the Holidays: Four Reasons You Should Go Home for Thanksgiving

It’s that time of the year already! Halloween has just passed and it’s time to start thinking about Thanksgiving plans. If you still can’t decide whether or not you should go back to your hometown for the feast, here’s a few reasons to hopefully help you make that decision.

  • Free Food! Who doesn’t love free food? Going back to your hometown for Thanksgiving means not needing to buy yourself anything while you’re there. Instead, you get to indulge in familiar, home-cooked deliciousness.
  • Family, Family, and More Family: Let’s face it: maybe you felt a little homesick when you first started college, but doing your own thing has felt pretty good. You’re finally comfortable enough to be away from your family, but you still miss all the little quirks that make them family. Thanksgiving is an opportunity for you to treat yourself to some FFF (Forced Family Fun, as my family jokingly calls it). Plus, it’ll give you an excuse to get away from all that coursework you’ve been losing sleep over.
  • A Chance to See Some Old Friends: You’ve been talking about visiting in the group chat with your friends, but haven’t had the time to do it. Thanksgiving is a time for family, but also for catching up with friends from your hometown and reminiscing about everything you used to do before you all went to college. You can even take this time to tell them about how great UO is!
  • A Much-Needed Break: Honestly, this term has been pretty brutal, and we all need a few days to get our sleeping schedules back on track. If you’re tired of being on campus and need a change of scenery, going back to your hometown for Thanksgiving might be the escape you need.

Whether you choose to get out of Eugene for the short Thanksgiving break we have or not, just remember to take time for yourself and enjoy the few days we have off!

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